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Lap Dog in Wedding

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Carmen and her eight-year-old Pomeranian Ufie. 
Ufie's hobbies are; riding motorcycles and posing for photographs by his adoring fans.


Carmen's boss encouraged his staff to bring their animals to work so she thought that taking her puppy, Ufie, would be great for company and this will also speed up his potty-training. It did not take long for Ufie to become the office's mascot. 
"Everyone loved him, he is good natured, and as sweet as he looks," says Carmen. "He is very gentle. My father-in-law recently had a stroke and Ufie lays for hours in his lap comforting him."

Ufie's favorite place at work was Carmen's lap.  During her coffee and lunch breaks, she potty trained him. Over the last eight years he has filled out into a robust five pounds and admits to loving people food.

Ufie is the Choctaw word for dog.  My husband, Dayle chose the dog's name based on his own Choctaw heritage.
One year, Dayle and I traveled to Sturgis, South Dakota for their infamous Motor Cycle Run.  I ride a small motorcycle, a flag chopper bike that resembles a smaller version of the bike in the movie Easy Rider.  When Ufie and I ride together; I wear a belt, and he wears a harness, and the two are then clipped together.  Ufie sits upright in my lap and is popular with anyone with a camera!   We also have a 1800 vtx Honda motorcycle that Ufie rides with my husband and me. He rides inside my leather coat peeking out at everything flying by.

We have ridden in parades together and the children love seeing him as much as Ufie loves riding on my lap. He often draws a street crowd.  Everyone stands around admiring how cute he is, often forgetting about the fabulous custom bikes around us."

Ufie's hobby is cuddling and his next favorite thing is being massaged by Carmen, "The longer the better," laughs Carmen.

This dog is adorable, but is making people smile all that he does?  Yes!  Case in point, "Since he was a puppy, Ufie stands on his back legs and waves his front legs when he wants something.

In Sturgis, Ufie was on a leash and someone walked by with a two-year-old baby who was also on a harness-leash.  The baby saw Ufie, and reached out for the dog.  The baby leaned over as far as it could, and waved at the dog with both of his arms.  Ufie saw the baby and tried to go to it.  But, he was not close enough, so he stood on his hind legs and waved back at the baby.  People began taking photographs as the scene was too adorable for words!
After a few years, Carmen thought Ufie might be lonely so she adopted two Chihuahuas to keep him company only to discover that Ufie thinks he is human and won't play with them.  The only time he lets them join him is when Carmen watches TV at night and all three pile onto her lap.

Last year, Dayle and Carmen were married.  Carmen wore her daughter's wedding dress complete with a long train. Most weddings have their tense moments, but it was Carmen's mother who worried about having Ufie in the wedding party.  She was concerned that he would pee on the bridal gown during the ceremony.  Luckily everyone made it safely through the wedding.

Their nine-year-old granddaughter, Sydney, was their flower girl and she was escorted down the aisle by Ufie. Sydney held him by a beautiful yellow-satin lead rope and his collar matched her dress. Sydney was in charge of both tossing pretty yellow rose petals from a basket and leading Ufie to the alter.  After the nuptials, Dayle and Carmen had their first dance together, then Carmen and Ufie made a trip around the dance floor.


Vehicles are fatal for pets-both inside and outside.  We all understand the dangers of a pet hit by a vehicle, but what are the dangers inside a vehicle?

Vehicle heat kills pets, even on cloudy days! A Stanford University study explains, "On a relatively cool day of 72 degrees, our vehicle's inside temperature sky rockets to a deadly 116 degrees within 60 minutes!"
"The inside of your car acts like a greenhouse, trapping in the sun's heat, creating a dangerous condition for pets," teaches this website
Unbelievably, keeping vehicle windows open hardly slows the rise in temperature where your precious pet sits waiting for you! 
In ten minutes, at 85 degrees outside, the inside car temperature soars to 102 degrees. On an 88 degree day, even with two windows cracked, the inside vehicle temperature quickly measures 105 degrees. As the outside temperatures increase to 95 degrees, with four windows cracked, the car's temperature measures 113 degrees. Under half an hour, temperatures reach 120 degrees.
Animal Protection Institute reports that leaving your pet for "just a minute may be too long." A dog's normal body temperature ranges from 101-102.5 degrees. Body temperatures of 107-108 degrees cause brain damage or even death.
 Remember it is always 'cooler' to leave your pet at home!
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