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Carol and Captain Jack Sparrow share their miracle stories!


"I've had unbelievable and fascinating experiences with animals," says Carol. "One began after work one Friday when I drove my Ford Ranger for two blocks, then onto the Interstate freeway for the 20-mile trip home. The traffic was worse than usual that day, bumper to bumper, so the normally 25-minute trip took 1- hours instead.

When I arrived home and climbed out of the Ranger, I heard a loud yowling. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  My next door neighbor, Richard, also heard the yowling, and came over to see what was going on.

We walked around the truck, because the caterwauling seemed to emanate from somewhere inside it. Richard opened the hood; thankfully, we found nothing except the engine.  The yowling continued, so he bent down and looked underneath the truck.  There sat a cat by the front tire in side a small space near the truck's axel!

He reached up and pulled the cat out, amazingly uninjured!  Amazing!

He surmised, "The cat jumped up under the truck after you pulled into the driveway."  But I remember hearing the howling as I emerged from the truck and replied, "I believe the cat traveled all the way from my office building's parking space."

Richard declared, "It's impossible given the distance driven, your initial acceleration and then high speed driving on the freeway, then the stop-and-go traffic for it to have hitched a ride that far!"

Like Richard, I couldn't believe it was possible, but it seemed to be the only explanation.  Then, we felt a collar on the cat. We were thrilled to know that he belonged to someone, but there was no ID tag!

Optimistic Richard walked around our neighborhood with the cat, asking if anyone recognized it.  No one did.

I have two adult male cats, so Richard took the cat home for safekeeping while we decided what to do with the furry stow-a-way. 

Once home, Richard turned the cat's collar over and written in black pen was a phone number! Yahoo!

Together, we excitedly phoned the number.  The woman told us that she lived two houses over from my office building!  YES! The cat had ridden underneath the car for my the entire trip home! 

Our hearts were lifted, and then dashed, when the young single mother said, "I have a new baby and can't afford to keep the cat. I've been looking for a home for him and don't want him back."

So the kitty spent the night with Richard.  On Saturday afternoon, a couple came to visit Richard providing a happy ending for the lonesome four-footed traveler.  They fell in love with the cat and gave him the home he deserves.
Captain Jack's and Rowdy's favorite activity is looking out the window!
My two male kitties, Captain Jack Sparrow and Rowdy, are Maine Coons, known as the "gentle giants" in the cat world.  They are called giants for a reason: An average cat measures 10" from the floor to its back; Maine Coons like Rowdy measure a whopping 16-1/2"!

Maine Coons are intelligent, sweet and magnificent proud animals. They are very observant and don't miss a thing.  For example on my birthday; my daughter-in-law gave me a pink and yellow Parrot tulip.  Knowing that tulips are poisonous to cats, I put the plant way up high on the bookcase until I could plant it outside.

Captain Jack was cat-napping in another room when the flower arrived. It did not take him long to realize "something new" was in his house worth inspecting!  I looked up in time to see him standing on top of the bookcase reaching for the tulip!  Rowdy, however, never paid attention to the flower, nor to Captain Jack.  Pets are like people, and snowflakes, in that no two are alike. 

Another amazing cat story happened shortly after I was married. We moved into a small apartment and could not take Frosty, my white Persian.  Frosty had an unmistakable few identifying grey hairs between her eyes.  My aunt took Frosty. Then, when my husband and I later moved onto the Air Force Base, we excitedly went to get Frosty.  But, as we put Frosty into the car, she jumped out, and ran away.  I was devastated.

A year later, I was home with my daughter and heard a knock at the door. I opened it; no one was there.  Then again another knock.  I opened the door, and there sat Frosty! 

Unbelievable!  She had never been to this apartment, it was several miles from my Aunt's home.  How did she know I was here? She looked groomed and well fed.  I joyfully let her in and saw that she had been nursing kittens.

Frosty spent the day with us and at 4:30 she wanted out.  I opened the door, and she walked out a little way. 

I called after her, "Frosty."

She turned, looked over her shoulder at me, then walked through a little hole in the fence and disappeared. 

I never saw her again.  It was like she came back to say,"Good-bye!", to let me know she was having a good life, and not to worry about her.  I never could figure out how that cat found me!" 


To cleaning pet hair off the FUR-niture, use a wet hand or a rubber kitchen glove, works like a charm.
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