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C(a)T  Scanning DOG Detects Illness 

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Bev and her six-year-old Dachshund, Molly, believe in making people smile, whether out walking with Molly in her pet stroller, or through Molly's hospital pet therapy job. Molly delivers joy while on her hospital rounds. Plus, Bev says, "Molly  has a rare natural ability of detecting illness in people using her doggy nose as a C(a)T scanner."


"Molly is no ordinary Dachshund," said Bev. "When I adopted her, I didn't want her to "be just another pretty face", I wanted her to help people. There's something uniquely special about her, she was born with a rare gift."

Molly's gifts emerged at therapy dog classes when she was six months old. Our class had a rescued white Great Pyrenees who had been abused by its previous owner. Molly walked up to the this dog to try and make her feel better. She leaned up against the dog's soft white, towering legs as if to say, "I know you are hurting and I am here to help." She's good with both pets and people.

"Therapy class teaches dogs not to be jumpy," explains Bev. "The instructors drop books on the floor to desensitize dogs from reacting to unexpected noises, to which Molly adapted well, and also how how to groom our dogs. However, these lessons pale in comparison to Molly's "gift" of the ability to detect illness in humans by sniffing a person's breath. After sniffing, if a person is health, Molly either looks away or lays her head down. But if she initially detects the presence of illness, she will continue sniffing until she is satisfied that her "diagnosis" is correct, then she looks at me."
"It's possible that Molly detects the scent of the illness itself on a person's breath, or perhaps a chemical imbalance caused by a specific illness. An intern told me that researches are taking sample tissues from people with different illnesses for dogs to sniff and subsequently learn to recognize specific diseases. Molly's already way ahead of them!"

"Molly and I visit people in hospital waiting rooms. We are totally unfamiliar with these patients and their diagnoses. One time, Molly continued to sniff a certain lady's breath, so I said to the lady, "I hope your doctor is helping you as my dog has detected a problem."  The woman shared her sad news that she was dying of liver cancer."

"Another time after Molly sniffed at a patient's breast, the woman shared that she had breast cancer."

Molly also seems to be able to detect the presence of kidney stones through a person's breath. She kept sniffing my friend's breath, never turning away, signaling an immediate health issue. The next day, my friend called 911 due a severe asthma attack and while she was in the E.R., they discovered that she also had a bladder infection and kidney stones. After surgery to remove the kidney stones, my friend asked to have Molly "test" to confirm that all of the stones had been removed. Molly sniffed her breath, then promptly turned away. Good news!"

"Molly saved my granddaughter's life, too. She sniffed my granddaughter's breath and then looked at me to tell me that something was wrong. Sure enough, two days later, we had to phone 911 because my granddaughter developed life-threatening asthma! Apparently, Molly can tell when we are in trouble even before we can!"

"One patient had severe arthritis in her wrist. Molly tried to soothe the woman's pain by gently licking the affected wrist with her tongue. The woman later had bone reconstruction surgery, and after surgery, Molly never licked the wrist again."

"In one waiting room, a man overheard me sharing about Molly's gifts to detect arthritis and and said, 'I don't believe it', then came over to prove her wrong. He presented his affected shoulder, and had her sniff all over his arms and such. Three times, she stopped at his thumb.  I asked him, 'Do you have arthritis there?' He said, 'Yes.' Molly taught him a thing or two!"

"Molly also has a gentle way with patients in rehab/hospital/nursing homes and a knowingness for those who are about to start their journey to the Other Side.  Most patients have had pets their entire lives and miss not seeing, touching, and looking in a pet's eyes. They still crave the warmth and love of a pet, and Molly delivers."

"This past summer, Molly had back surgery. She was temporarily paralyzed after the surgery and is left with a back leg that doesn't work quite right, so on long walks I take her out in a pet stroller. Molly's little spirit never gave up, and now she plays chase and runs figure 8's outside."

"Molly is a happy little soul. I sing Happy Trails To You to her with a slight change in words to 'Happy TAILS to You.'

"We met a man who tests auras and we did not tell him about Molly's gifts. When he saw her aura he said, 'Jimminy Christmas! This dog tests higher than most people!   Her aura indicates a higher intelligence, a devotion to spirituality; your dog is destined to help people.  She has a spiritual calling.'"

"Sometimes, Molly spooks me! I am a widow and when I sense that my husband is around me, I look over at Molly and see her looking above my head, intently watching something. Just because I can't see my husband, does not mean that she can't. She is so loving that when she looks deeply into my eyes it feels like our souls are touching."

"When we are in a dog friendly store, Molly rides in the purse compartment of the cart, she wears her therapy-dog vest.  A mother and her 18-month-old son asked if they could touch Molly. Then, the little boy, in his mother's arms, reached out his index finger and touched the tip of Molly's nose.  The child was so delighted with himself that he hugged himself and wiggled and squiggled all over.  Each time they repeated this game, Molly would raise her nose up so his the tiny index finger could touch it and the wiggling and squiggling went on and on. Their game was also delightful to those watching!"


Never underestimate your pet's gifts, inner knowings and talents. "Be kind, love your dog and it will listen to your feelings and secrets with its unconditional love," said Bev.
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