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Presidential Dog!

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 Dog Surfing
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Randi and Eric with two year old Mingus, "Gus" for short.
Gus was named after the jazz bass composer Charles
Mingus.  Like the movie, Dances with Wolves, Gus
was given the Indian name, "Runs With Bicycles."


Randi and Eric rescued Gus from a Shelter, and immediately appointed him President of their Main Street business, Rainy Peak Cyclery.  Eric admits, "Officially, this makes us his staff!"

And how would you go to work if you owned a bicycle store?  Randi explains, "We chauffeur Gus to work behind either my or Eric's bike on a flat bed trailer.  And  when it rains, Gus wears his rain jacket!

He learned to ride on the trailer as a puppy; first in a crate, then leashed, and finally just surfing. Now he joyfully surfs behind us, down Main Street, on the trailer.  He loves it so much, he won't jump off for anything!

Gus's favorite game is fetch - he lives for it - and will fetch anything!

He loves his cat friend, Estabon - they would spend all day on the couch, cuddling and cleaning each other if they could.  But Gus has to go to the office."

Randi continues, "Last September, at our wedding, Gus was our handsome ring bearer.  He wore a black and white fur tuxedo, with a flower corsage on his new collar. He carried our rings tied to his collar, secured in a silk bag to match the bridesmaids dresses.

Everyone who was in our wedding rode a bicycle into the meadow where the ceremony was held under an old oak tree.   Eric wearing an off white suit, rode down the hillside, with Gus running beside him.  With them was our four year old flower girl wearing a bright orange hat and dress, riding her brand new blue tricycle.  The trike held a bouquet of wild flowers in its basket.

Here comes the groom...
Here comes the groom.
I rode to the wedding behind my Dad's bike. His bike had an extension on the back, with a wooden platform. I sat on it as he rode us down the hill and up the aisle. I jumped off just as he rode by Eric - and Eric caught me!

Gus was so excited when he heard the crowd cheer, he ran ahead of us, with his beautiful Border Collie smile, and greeted our guests first. Whenever the crowd clapped, he would join in, howling.  It was a perfect wedding, because everyone we loved was there."

The Dog ring Bearer
Introducing, the Newly Wed Family
Randi, Eric and Gus 


Randi adds, "Gus enjoys mountain biking with us.  We make sure to take Gus's water bottle and folding bowl on every trip, to keep him hydrated.

Check that the trails you mountain bike or hike on are canine compatible!  We refer to the books, Best Hikes with Dogs - Oregon, by Ellen Morris Bishop, and
Mountain Biking Oregon - Northwest & Central Oregon, by Lizann Dunegan.

If you'd like your dog to be trailer savvy, Burley (a bike trailer manufacturer) now makes the 'Tail Wagon,' an enclosed trailer for your pet - Gus loves their Flatbed trailer."

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