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Note to Dog:
"Toilet paper shall remain in the bathroom!"
Dog's response: "How boring!"

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

When Amber accidentally adopted Oliver, two years old, and Carmella, who is a year old, she had no idea that her dogs would be redecorating her new home in toilet paper!  And that Oliver would have the squirrels in the backyard so angry that they would be tossing things at him! Ahhh, life with pets!

"I accidentally adopted my dogs," admits Amber. "Nothing was planned, and it has happened twice!"

One day, I was early for an appointment so I wandered into a pet store and overheard the owner quietly say to an employee, "That ugly dog will never sell." 

I asked to see the "ugly dog".  What I saw broke my heart!  Oliver was three months old and he had lived his entire life in that tiny cage; including going to the bathroom, sleeping, and eating. He could not run to strengthen his legs. I asked, "What happens if he doesn't get purchased?" The owner (thankfully, now out of business) said, "The dog either goes to the pound or is put down."  Talk about a "dog-eat-dog" world! Oliver deserved to live!

Oliver's asking price was a whopping $350! He is a mixed-purebred-mutt of West Highland Terrier and Shitzu. Dog-gone-it, I had entered the store to pet puppies, but instead found myself offering $100 for Oliver and insisting on food, a bed, a carrier, a leash, and other supplies.  They took the offer!

I never thought that Oliver was an "ugly dog".  He's actually quite adorable. He has many entertaining puppy stories: Oliver vs. 24 rolls of toilet paper, (he won); Oliver vs. the squirrels (they throw stuff at him from the back fence); Oliver vs. the possum, (I won); Oliver vs. peoples' rear ends (he jumps up and gives them an 'unexpected' nibble).

Then there was the episode when Oliver escaped the yard and my entire neighborhood came together, corralling him with sheets and towels. That story will long live in all our memories," laughs Amber. "Oliver is a creative character! He must be making up for his time confined to that horrible cage!"

Oliver is not the only interesting purrsonality in Amber's home.  Amber has played roller Derby for two years and is now a roller Derby trainer.

"Three weeks after adopting him," continues Amber, "I arrived home after work to a surprise!  Well, calling it a surprise is an understatement! Walking up the stairs, I noticed a small piece of toilet paper--a few more steps--and I saw a couple more white scraps of TP.  I rounded the corner and spotted remnants of a new package of 24 rolls of TP! 

Yes! Oliver had not wasted any time when I left for work! He managed to break into the pack, rip every single roll right down to the cardboard, and then he spread the light-white paper from one end of my place to the other!  The floor was white, the couch was white, and there he sat in the middle of it all looking at me, "Hey, I am all out of TP. Do you have any more?" 

He then zoomed passed me, grabbed the roll off the TP dispenser, and took off running.  You should have seen my face!  It was hard being mad because it was so funny.

There is not one normal thing about this dog! His favorite food is tomatoes.  My favorite thing about him is that he cuddles until we fall asleep."

After Amber moved into a larger home she looked on Craigslist for a "partner in crime" for Oliver.

"I found a Dachshund/Yorkie (Dorkie) mix needing a new home," said Amber.  "When I went to meet her I got a deep-inner feeling that something was not right. I didn't like how the people handled the little dog, so I was determined to take her away from them, and I did!

Carmella is named after her rich coloring, and she ended up needing emergency hernia surgery, which confirmed my intuition about her previous owners.

Carmella is a love and the exact opposite of Oliver.  She is quiet and sweet. Carmella only barks if someone knocks on the door.  Oliver is a barking machine as a result of his former cage confinement,  he  is constantly on the run.  Carmella lives to lie quietly in my lap having her tummy rubbed, and she loves snuggling with me under my blanket.  She is the perfect dog!

At first, I was worried that Oliver's rambunctious 15 pounds would seriously hurt the gentle 5-pound Carmella. So worried, that I even tried to have my parents adopt her.  But it soon became evident that Carmella instigated their wrestling matches. 

My mom calls Oliver and Carmella her gran-dogs. Oliver looks like a cartoon character and Carmella looks like the dog in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Their fun characters add laughter to my life and home!

I give them dog bones and biscuits, but their favorite treat is raw carrot chips!  They also love lettuce and apples; that's the only "people" food they get so they are hooked on it.

I brush their teeth with peanut butter toothpaste, and they have a biweekly haircut, bath, and nail-clipping session where I usually end up dirtier and more disheveled than they were to begin with! I might have accidentally adopted these dogs, but I think they planned the whole thing!"

- Fur Color Coded Pet Names
Black & White- Oreo, Sylvester, Tux(edo), Panda
White    -  Lilly,  Ivory, Lacey, Frosty, Snowy, Casper, Snowball, Sugar, Salt, Star, Pearl, Angel
Black   -  Blackie, Midnight, Ebony, Jet, Luna, Pepper, Pearl
Gray     -  Ashely, Smokey, Shale, Shadow, Stormy, Dusty
Blond    Buffy, Honey, Sandy, Chammy, Carmella
OrangeSienna, Ginger, Pumpkin, O.J.,Carrot, Acorn, Marmalade
Red       - Red, Pepper, Ruby, Candy (cane), Cinnamon, Red Sox, Garnet
Patches - Patches, Pebbles, Puzzle, Picaso, Picassa, Collage, Marble, Smudges, Parquet
Stripes   - Sarge, Major, Tiger, Tigger, Tabitha
Spots     - Confetti, Blaze, Spotty, Patches, Dottie, Speckles, Sprinkles
Extra Toes - Toesie, Mr. Toes, Paws

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Tony in Ohio
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