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Myster E. Survives...Again
- Divine Timing & A Miracle -

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Myster E.'s (Mystery) baby photo. 
When his eyes look into yours,
you move Heaven and Earth to save his life.


Tips 'n' Tales

For a year and a half we have taken Myster E., one of our four, five-year old Silver Persians, to four different veterinarians, because something was very wrong.  No one had any suggestions, none of the vets suggested mange, so I assumed he had kidney failure, from the recalled pet food from China.

He was twice as thin as his siblings, Nymbus and Whyspurr, his skin was bumpy like chicken pox, his fur was falling out, and he threw up 1-3 times a day. 
He had swellings, the size of almonds in the lymph under his arms and in his groin. 

On two occasions, ALL his fur fell out in four days!  It was like he had received a massive dosage of chemo therapy.  His favorite 'snack' was charcoal, and he often sported a little gray mustache from eating it.  Charcoal is historically used for poisoning.  We were trying everything to help him!

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Myster E.'s Charcoal mustache

Our other four cats came through the food poisoning, but Myster E. continued to show signs of illness.

If it was mange, you would think the other cats would have soon had it too.    We even asked a pet groomer if she knew what the bumps on his skin were, and she could not identify them either.

They all said, he was obviously allergic to a food.  So we spent months and money changing his food/diet  trying to help his immunity.

On a side note, I did two newsletters in March 2008 on the healthy effects of Hydrogen peroxide for teeth and gums (1 cap of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 3 caps of water, gargle, and follow with sea salt/water mix to put the right PH back into the mouth), and wondered if the hydrogen peroxide might also help his skin situation.

Also, we once had sprinkled 20 Mule Team Borax around the corners of our home to rid it of fleas and their eggs. Apparently, the article said it dries up the eggs on the floor and the fleas dehydrate and die. (Our cats and our home never again had a flea problem in that home.)

Borax is not good for pets, so we locked them outside that day, and then vacuumed the home before letting them back in.

So instinctively, I bought some Borax thinking, that the Internet may have a recipe that would combine both ingredients and provide him some relief. 

Unfortunately, before concluding my search, the Internet connection was lost.

(The importance of having a recipe, was so that the ill cat would not be made any weaker.)

The magic of miracles, is that when you put out for something, it begins to attract to you.  Myster E.'s name was included on the Angels and Miracles prayer team. Then the Internet connection went down, so no recipe could be located.

Friday morning, Myster E. became sicker.  His skin went wild with bumps, it appeared time to relieve him from his suffering.  His little body looked exhausted.

The line between humanely putting a cat to sleep and letting it suffer is what pains us most as humans. 

Myster E. had been throwing up, and not feeling well for over a year, and he was just worn out.  It was obvious this time, he had that 'look' in his eyes.  I gently held him in my lap, told him what a cute baby kitten he was, and how much humor and joy he had brought our family.

I called my Chinese herbalist, who had brought me safely back from cancer, and asked if he had any suggestions to help the cat.

Robert Neumann
Tacoma, Washington

He suggested a herbal remedy.  Yes, we had some on hand, and immediately Myster E. began taking them! 

But, three days later, vacuuming, I found little Chinese herb pills spit out around the house.  Just like a 5 year old child, holding his/her vitamins in the side of their mouth until you leave the room, he was spitting them out.

No wonder his progress was slow. 

On Sunday morning, he looked worse, and the notion of letting him go grabbed hold again.  We would bury him in his favorite sunny spot in the backyard.

Luckily, it was the Easter weekend, and the vet offices were closed.

A friend shared how she used an eye dropper and gave Pedialyte to her ill cats/dogs.  We began giving him the Pedialyte and some Omega 3-6-9 oils which the Chinese herbalist had once used to help his pet.

On Monday morning, Kathy my friend in New York, forwarded an email article in response to the newsletter on the hydrogen peroxide aid for ailing gums and teeth. 

She went to a website about hydrogen peroxide, and discovered a recipe for cats with ailing skin; cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 2 cups warm water, and 3 TBLS. of 20 Mule Team Borax!  A chemical free combination, and affordable!

Isn't it interesting?  My quest to help others, in turn helped Myster E.!

The article was written by a woman in Nashville, TN with similar problems to our cats in Oregon.  She shared how this formula had restored her cat to health.  I about jumped off the chair, as her cat's name is Whisper, and so is Myster E.'s sister Whyspurr.

I ran to the cupboard, immediately made up the formula, and did as her article suggested. Myster E. calmed down in the gentle warm bath water.

Prior to bathing him, I clipped his fur to 1 inch.  As a Persian, with a winter coat, this way he would dry faster, and not ingest any more loose fur licking himself clean/dry.

The minute his frail body touched into the water, he visibly showed relief.  I continued pouring the mixture over him for 5 minutes.  Then, rinsed him off, so he would not ingest any borax while drying himself with his tongue.

We followed with a miracle micro-fiber cloths to absorb 90% of the water out of his fur.

We did not blow him dry, as this would aggravate his inflamed skin.  Next, we put him in the bathroom with his kitty litter box, water/food and turned the furnace up, so the room would keep him warm, until he dried.  We repeated this every second day, three times.

Miraculously, the first time, his energy immediately increased, the second day his weight and strength increased, the third day you noticeably could see his fur beginning to fill in.  And, the most fun, he began to play and chase ping pong balls again!

Kathy had no idea I was searching for the recipe to his health, and with all the ingredients in our kitchen cupboard, she had Divinely forwarded the sought after recipe to us.  Yes, an answer to a prayer for Myster E. we had no idea he had mange, but we did notice than when we gave him the homeopathic remedy  Worm Clear, it had helped him a bit over the last year.

Miracles come from all avenues. Never forget the power of prayer.  It works like a magnet to attract what you seek to your existence.

Watch the signs, ask for them and be open to how they arrive.  Sometimes it is a small creature, like your pet, that needs you to work miracles in their life.  Myster E.'s miracle came from coast to coast, and he is now on his 9 1/2 lives!

I am a housewife, and did not hesitate to try this formula for Myster E., but I urge you to always seek medical advice for your own health, and from your veterinarian for your pets' health, and trust your instincts.

Photos of mange are on the internet,
but none resembled our cats.
(google; mange, cat, dog)

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Myster E. prior to his illness.

The email sent by Kathy is at the end of this page, but first a word from Pat.

Megan has Mange?

Pat, "We have five dogs, and Megan, a 3 year old little Schnauzer developed a skin condition three years ago, that drove us all nuts.  She continually bit, scratched, licked and chewed on her skin.  Sores developed and she lost weight.

We had trouble sleeping as she slept on our bed, and we were exhausted in the morning from all her movements as she tried to stop the itch in her skin.

We noticed it was worse after she came back from the groomers.  Possibly the blow dryer irritated her skin?  They saw her skin condition over the years, sold me more shampoos, and never brought up mange. 

We took Megan to two different vets, they said it was systemic, and that possibly she was allergic to something in her food.  This went on for years. 

Finally, because she was miserable, the sores on her body would not heal, we humanely had her put to rest.  Now I feel sick to my stomach, knowing that she probably had mange and we could have saved her with a simple bath!"

Here is the email Kathy sent:


Marsha from Nashville, TN writes: cat mange cure with hydrogen peroxide, borax, and warm water.

My 10 year old Lynx/Siamese /Himalayan cat developed intense itching with loss of hair and redness around the neck recently.

I called to schedule a shave for her, but the vet said they would have to sedate her and get blood work first to see if it was safe to sedate her. Total price, $300! I said "never mind."

I thought her hair condition resembled the mange in dogs I'd seen. I research the net for cat mange and the symptoms matched perfectly.

I found Ted's peroxide, borax, water concoction and immediately fixed up a small amount. About 3TBLS borax, 2 cups warm water, and 1/2 cup hydrogen
peroxide. I took a small rag, soaked it and rubbed it around her neck.

She was suspicious at first of the wet rag, but she was enjoying the rub too much to care for long.

Before starting the application her neck was red and hairless.

Within 1 hour, her neck's skin color was a light pink. I checked her the next day; the area was flesh colored and she wasn't scratching so much.

I did another treatment that day for a added kill of the mites, and let it rest the 3rd day.

On the 4th day her hair is regrowing, about an inch, and she has more energy. I treated her again and rewarded her with fresh catnip.

My cat never goes outside, there are no other animals around!

Anyway, the remedy works on cats too!

Thank you for saving us lots of $'s, unknown chemicals and added stress of going to the vet. Her name by the way, is Whisper and she says thank you, "Meow meow." 

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