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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings
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Happy Ending
Foster Feral Kittens
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Bob and Nikki, with feral-foster kittens
Petunia and Josephine,
dogs, Baxter and Bailey. 
Cats; Uncles Matthew and Owen are
missing, due to lack of lap space.

Bob says, "Hand-raising newborn kittens is a lot of work, especially when you have an established pet-pecking order, in the household. 

Nikki brought Petunia and Josephine home, and our two rescue dogs were curious, about the secret-mewing-things, behind the closed office door.

We gradually introduced the dogs, letting them in to smell the kittens and their bedding, then sitting the kittens on our laps, and finally on the floor, always closely monitoring their behavior. 

Our female Basset Hound, Bailey, took to the kittens immediately. She seemed to think they were kitten-flavored snacks.  'Her' babies spent their first month of life, sparkling clean and soaked in dog drool. 

Now 4 months old, the kittens still have to be careful when they stop moving, as Aunt Bailey slurps the cat smell off of them. 

At first, our Beagle, Baxter, was afraid of the kittens, having been bullied by cats as a puppy.

He's still under the impression that all cats, are bigger than he is. 
Our two old cats studiously ignored the kittens, but have grown more tolerant.
The oldest, Uncle Owen, has even taken to babysitting on occasion. 

Once each generation of cat, sorted out who got to sleep, on which level, of what jungle-gym, things calmed down considerably.
Kittens are cute and abandoning them isn't.  We are glad Petunia and Josephine's story has a happy ending."

Bob says, "Once we named these kittens we were doomed, and went from a foster to a forever family.

If you want to be a foster pet parent, learn about your local shelter's foster family program.

Greenhill, in Eugene, provided some of the services we needed to help raise our newest fur-family members."

Nikki suggests, "Check with your vet/shelter to see if they know of any lactating cats or dogs. Mother's milk is always best for babies!"

Bob and Nikki feel strongly about neutering and spaying, so little ones like their kittens, will all be wanted and not abandoned. 

Bob says, "We have a friend, who specializes in adopting only the older pets, at the shelters, who are gentle, and need a safe home for their last few years.

Shelters are open on the weekend, and they would love to see you come in and save a life."


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