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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen
Tips 'n' Tales Newspaper Columnist with Miss Wings

Cat With Two Tales!

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"©
Neighbors Kristi, Jim and Boots/Simon have an amazing tale!
They shared the same cat between their two families and two states!


Last year, Mike and Kristi moved from Queen Anne Hill, in Seattle, to Oregon. Because of the size of the town, they began meeting new friends quickly. In June, they met Kris and in the course of their conversation they both realized they had moved to Oregon from Queen Anne Hill in Seattle.

Kris and Jim, had moved into town the week before, and Kris mentioned that she once owned the shop, "Paint'n Place" on Queen Anne Hill. The store was a busy ceramic shop.  Kristi and Mike knew the shop well as it was located a block from their previous home!

At the mention of the shop, Kristi laughed and said, "While we lived in Seattle, Paint'n Place was owned by many owners. One of them adopted our cat Boots, because he was spending so much time in the store. Boots loved the customers and they loved him, so we ended up giving him to the store."

Whereupon Kris declared, "I have your cat!" Indeed she did! Mike and Kristi were invited to Kris and her husband Jim's home to see their now 14 year old kitty Boots...who is unbelievably....once again living a few blocks from them!

Kris explains, "When we bought the shop, Boots came with it. We promised the previous owner that we would care for him. Simon chose the store, it did not chose him. Boots, who was renamed Simon, loved the store's large front window. He spent all day in the window, enjoying the warm sun, that someone put a special pillow in it for him to sleep on. During the day, children came into the store and loved on him. Simon insisted on leaving the store at night, where he would get into cat- fights. Possibly the Sushi shop next door attracted other cats.

One Christmas, when Simon was older, he got into a cat fight that changed his life.

He lost the fight and required medical treatment."

Kris had no options, but to take him home, because the store was closed for the season, to treat his wounds. Simon never went back to the store. She recalls, "We later moved twice, and he always came with us.

Kristi believes that her cat initially moved to the store because her family had three other cats, and he wanted to be the main kitty. Kris and Jim have always had dogs, and Simon has always gotten along with their dogs. Whatever the reason for his initial move, the results of living the two locations have a lot of people shaking their heads in disbelief!



Cats have barbed tongues. When a cat licks a piece of string, thread, Christmas tinsel or fake Halloween cob webbing, it can only go one place...down their throats.  Cats cannot spit thread or strings out like we can.  Keep your cats safe.  Always, put needles and thread away immediately after sewing.  Poking the needle into a cushion is a dangerous enticement to a playful kitty who sees the dangling thread.

A family in Bellevue Washington recently learned of the dangerous mix of a hot summer day and the reflection from their dog’s glass water bowl.  The sun’s rays magnified the glass bowl. The  resulting fire caused $215,000 damages to their home. 
During hot weather, a child’s plastic swimming pool can help cool down your dog.
NEVER walk your dog on pavement that is too hot for your own feet. 
Freeze a water bottle and keep in your small pet’s cages.

Linda, a Tips ‘n’ Tales reader in Kent Washington writes, “Thank you for Tips 'n' Tales. The stories are heart warming and my doggie therapy.  The stories are warm and fuzzy and lift my spirit.”

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