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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Bob and Petunia enjoying a rare quite lunch together.



One of the benefits of living and working in a small town, is the advantage of going home for lunch.  Well, sometimes it is not as much a blessing as it first might appear.

Bob explains, "Ah, lunch, that relaxing midday break for quiet refueling, unless you try eating at my house!

I eat quick lunches; a frozen dinner and a can of soda.  I stand behind the bar's counter and watch TV while eating.  There's no point in sitting on the couch because; A) TV dinners are too hot on your lap. B) no doubt some foolish critter (6 to choose from in our house) will jump in your lap, while you're attempting to hold said dinner. 

Recently, I heated a Salisbury steak and gravy with mac 'n cheese for lunch.  Petunia, our extra hairy, 11 month old foster kitten that never moved out, jumps up on a barstool, then up on the bar, walks across my laptop and says, 'Hi.'

She sniffs the can of ginger ale, gives me a head bonk, waves her tail in my face and SPLUT...promptly sits down into my warm lunch.  Specifically, in the deep end of the gravy pool!

I spontaneously give Petunia a soft swat to encourage her to relocate. She takes affront, yet obeys  and proceeds to launch herself in a westerly direction while donkey-kicking my tray in an easterly one, that is to say, straight into my chest. 

Possibly, it could have been the extra fatty goodness weighing down her haunches that messed up her take off?

Still, she arcs gracefully through the air trailing a stream of brown gravy like a rhythmic gymnast's ribbon, hits the floor and takes off like a shot, leaving a dotted line behind her.

Understandably stunned, I stand there, looking up, pondering how does one get gravy out of the ceiling fan and off the ceiling, when both hound dogs jump into the mayhem and follow the tasty trail of gravy right up to its furry origin...and boy, what an improvement!  It used to be just a nose of fur at the rear of a kitten, but NOW its beef gravy!

I don't know what manufacturers use to make super absorbent chamois, but I'll bet part of it comes from the haunches of a long-haired calico kitten!  All this left me with was just one question before heading back to work, "Do I really want to finish the rest of my lunch?"


Flea season is upon us. Debbie co-owner of Old Mill Farm Store, on River Road suggests, "Diatomaceous earth, is a natural powdered rock product that is available at feed and grain stores. 

Sprinkle it around the yard, pet beds, and enclosures to help keep fleas down. It dries out the flea eggs and fleas. 

Debbie suggests, "Rub 1 tsp. into each side of a cat's fur.  Work the powder into their skin, wait 15 minutes, then flea comb it out or give them a bath.  Fleas naturally live in the grass, and for some reason they love this area.  People with chickens also sprinkle diatomaceous earth in the pens as a louse preventative. 

Some homeowners put diatomaceous earth around their homes, and in the crawl space to help ward off ants."
Natural shampoos are available to help wash away fleas, and the fragrance helps keep fleas from landing back on your pet.  A small toothed flea comb is another natural method to reduce fleas. 

Never use dog medications or products on cats, and never use another pet's left over medicine for a different pet.  Medicines are often prescribed on the weight of a pet, and what is good for one, is deadly for another. 

Always consult with your veterinarian.


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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
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