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is NOT a Purebred!

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Pooker Hoyer
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Poker Hoyer melts into the hands of his Office Staff

Pooker Hoyer,  is not a pure bred.

When Karen was looking for a kitten, her Priest phoned, "Someone abandoned several beautiful kittens, in a small box, at the church's door."

So, Karen and her father, set out to investigate.  She chose one, and walked over to the car, to show the kitten her father.

Startled, she looked up, from the kitten, and discovered that another kitten had beaten itself to her father's heart.

The second kitten had jumped into the car, with her father, and was sitting, possessively on his lap!

While Karen was returning the first kitten, her father's kitten poked around the car, investigating everything, thus the name Pooker.

For nine years, Pooker, has been on Hoyer Accounting's payroll, as their 24 hour resident mouser.  She is doing a great job, as no one has seen any mice!

Pooker loves tax season. She welcomes all of Hoyer's cat loving clients', by jumping onto their laps.  She loves being petted all day.

Each morning, as the office staff arrives, Pooker waits patiently for Nicole. 
Then, she  makes a bee line for the back door, and dances in between Nicole's feet, all the way to her food treat!

The staff admits, Pooker looks adorable, napping, in the soft shredded paper, from the office Shredder.

Karen says, "Pooker spends hours sitting on the top level of her cat tree. It is in our office hall way, and she can spy on us, as well as look out the window, and keep an eye on Whiteaker Street."

Once in awhile, the office staff lets Pooker outside. 
Karen recalls, "I'll never forget the warm sunny day, when I left my car window down. 
At lunch time, I jumped in the car, and started to back out.

Pooker, must have been sleeping on the back seat.  She appeared to have jumped out of nowhere, and landed on my shoulder!
Both of us were scared to death!  It took a few minutes to get my wits back, and understand what had happened."

Karen began giving Pooker a hairball treatment cat food, when she discovered indoor cats have a problem with hair balls.  And as a treat, Pooker gets some wet food once a day.

Plain canned pumpkin is loaded with fiber, and a tablespoon mixed in with pets' food, has helped many eliminate both constipation and hair balls. 
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