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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen
Tips 'n' Tales Newspaper Columnist
with Miss Wings

Kitten's Miraculous Journey...
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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Pat, our Tips 'n' Tales proof reader, with her Shiloh - 16 years of Love.


The winter of 1993, Reverend Pat lay in bed, recuperating from foot surgery.  She had two reasons to be miserable; her foot and the recent death of her much loved elderly cat.
Even though Reverend Pat and her husband Bill had two dogs, a Rottweiler and Doberman, she yearned to pick up, cuddle and love something much smaller.
They read a newspaper article offering 'free' kittens in exchange for donations towards spaying and neutering other cats.  

So, curious they drove over to 'see' the kittens.  The felines were housed in an old, cold empty house, overflowing with cats and kittens, next door to the man who was adopting them out.

"What a sight to see," says Reverend Pat.  "I can tell you! It was the best advertisement for neutering and spaying! It was so upsetting.  We certainly could not offer them all homes. Dozens of cats, every color under the rainbow were either running free or in cages.  I picked out a pretty male kitten, and we named him Shiloh.  In Hebrew, the word Shiloh translates to 'a place of peace' and this kitten would find that at our home."

And you know how it is when you look at kittens and puppies, they are hard to resist.  Well Reverend Pat and Bill fell into that category. She was cuddling Shiloh, when Bill fell in love with a second kitten that zoomed over his shoe and around a corner.

All four headed home and Reverend Pat reports, "It was fun watching the two little ones play, and when they were tuckered out, they would lay beside me with their little kitten motors running."

Happily, even their two large dogs loved the kittens, and let the babies cuddle up and sleep with them.
One pretty summer day, six months later, their daughter and grandchildren came for visit in a 1978 Chevrolet pick up truck.  The kittens were outside playing, and soon Shiloh could not be found.  

Reverend Pat explains, "We were all so sad!  We live in the country and anything could have happened to him.  Then, the next afternoon, my daughter and grandchildren unexpectedly returned. My grandson shouted, "Its' a miracle Gramma! Come look!""

Lo and behold, walking towards Reverend Pat, was their daughter cradling Shiloh, with the two grandchildren running alongside her, smiling and hopping up and down in excitement.

Apparently, after they drove home the night before, they heard a cat meowing and thought it was coming from their neighbor's yard.  The next morning, needing to run errands, they climbed into the truck and heard meowing again.  

Puzzled, they wondered why their neighbor's cat was meowing. It was not an urgent meow, so it did not alert them to any danger or injury.

They drove into town, and stopped at a store.  When they returned to the truck, they could still hear meowing!  Baffled and curious, their daughter knelt down in her mini skirt, and looked under her truck. Looking back at her, sitting on top of the mounted spare tire was Shiloh!  She called to him, but he was so frightened he would not budge. So, the only thing left to do was climb in after him, and retrieve him. Only then he stopped meowing.

The kitten had ridden five miles from its home to theirs, stayed on the spare tire all night, and then somehow balanced on the tire for the trip into town, over two sets of rail road tracks, and at speeds of 35 mph...and he never jumped off or got lost. Reverend Pat's grandson was right.  It was a miracle!
Shiloh is now 16 years old and blind.  He moves around their home by walking beside Reverend Pat, or walking close to a wall, letting his whiskers run along side it. And he still sleeps between his beloved 'Mom and Dad' on his own pillow.  

Last night, Shiloh sat on his pillow and leaned his head in closer and closer until, he put his beautiful face next hers.  

Reverend Pat smiles, "For sixteen years, every time I picked Shiloh up, he would immediately turn his head and give me kitty kisses.  Now, he still turns his head, but since he cannot see, he patiently waits until I put my face next to his, so he can give his loving kisses. I am sure that last night, with his sightless eyes he was searching my face as though he wanted to see me again.
He finally gave up, and satisfied himself by planting a wet kiss on my cheek. Also, his little ears 'work' constantly, to give him a sense of sound, direction and depth perception.  They move around like furry radar detectors. While he cannot see, his little body is still packed with love for us, and ours for him."

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
 Shiloh - 16 years of Love.
Follow Up
Six days after these photos of Shiloh were taken,  Reverend Pat rushed him to the vet and received the news that all pet parents fear.  Shiloh was dying.  His body was failing.

Pat shares, "I would not be selfish, just to keep him with me and have his frail body suffer.  So, I gently held Shiloh, cradling him against my chest, as he lay his head in my hand, as he often had before, using my hand as his pillow.  He tucked his head under my chin.  And began softly purring as he snuggled against me. 
The Veterinarian eased Shiloh out of his pain, and the last sound I heard, was Shiloh's gentle purr drift off as he slipped away.  And, the last sound he heard was my heartbeat, and voice softly telling him how much he was loved.  My tears fell like warm rain on his soft head.  We are happy that he is no longer in pain, and that his blind eyes can see again...he has found his 'place of peace'.


Animal and Pet communicator, Dr. Agnes Thomas, "Animals are appointed to you by the Angels. Nothing happens by chance.  Each pet has a special mission in your life.  Some are teachers, healers, family, guides and some are way showers. 
Most of all, they are all lovers; emissaries of God's unconditional love."
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