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Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" is busy with her photo gallery, of 200 Fire Department photographs, at Cottage Grove's Community Center.
Her exhibit goes for another week.
So, today's Tips 'n' Tales is by rover-reporter and news-hound, Jed from Coquille, Oregon.
Jed, "This is a 'ruff-ruff'' draft of my life, and why my guardians and I were in Cottage Grove, the night of February 18th.
Eight years ago, Kristi, found me at a Missoula, Montana dog pound.
I am forever grateful to Kristi, as I was a baby, and very confused as to how I ended up there.
Apparently, someone found me on the streets, lost, hungry, and ill.
I was so scared, and then had to cool my heels in jail for over a week!
I was an orphan, so no one knows my last name, it might be Shepherd, or Lab?
Kristi saved me before they took me into that room, where the animals never come out again. (A lot of animals went in there!)
My heart burst with joy and happiness, when Kristi took me home.
She and Quentin, her husband, love me, they call me their "youngest son."
Kristi said, "Jed is so handsome! When I first saw him, his brown eyes melted my heart.
Quentin, instantly fell in love with Jed too.
Quentin loves how friendly and smart Jed is, and at the time Jed's youthful gangliness made us all laugh.
As a baby, one of his ears stood up, and the other had a floppy tip - which later stood up, to match the other."
The three of us love to travel. We see many interesting things. My family transformed our SUV's cargo area, for me!
My bed, leash, food, water dish, ball, stuffed toys (which I call my "babies,") and favorite frisbee make it feel like home.
I have gone from homeless and poverty, to riches!
Last weekend, we went to Trout Lake, Washington and were returning home to Coquille, Oregon.
I was thirsty, and we all needed to stretch our legs. My family loves the large field, beside the Village Green Resort, in Cottage Grove.
It is a great tourist attraction for us!
We pulled off the freeway, and I was drinking my water, when Quentin saw, an unusual flickering light.
It came from one of the trailers, at the RV park, then flames shot out of its side vent!
Kristi immediately dialed 911! I am so proud of Kristi, she is a 911 dispatcher from Montana.
They trained her, three years ago, during their terrible fires. She is also an EMT!
Police and Firefighters arrived, and put the fire out in no time.
It was exciting! I saw everything, safely from the inside of our SUV. There were lots of lights, and firefighters.
I looked to see if they had a Dalmatian dog to help them, as I am always open to making new friends.
I also wanted to thank the firefighters, for all the fire hydrants in Cottage Grove, but they were really busy.
When the fire was out, the nice Fire Department photographer, Mary Ellen, walked over to us, and took our picture! My family were heroes! Now, you can see my loving family!


Jed says, "Please neuter and spay your pets. When you find a home for your pets litters, it means those like me, in the Humane shelters, will not find a home.
There are only so many homes available!
You can also go to Pet Adoption info: and look at the homeless animals in your area.
It is up to the humans to help the animals, we need your help.
Also, the Firefighters asked me to mention that all fire hydrants should be easy to find, in case an emergency, for both me and them.
All vegetation needs to be at least three feet clear of hydrants."
Humane Society of Cottage Grove has neutering and spaying coupons for March, $10 off, good at Cottage Grove and Forest Valley, Creswell and South Willamette Vet. Clinics.
They also have Low-Income Spay/Neuter Assistance Program, for anyone on any other form of assistance.
Forms are at This-and-That Store, on 8th street in Cottage Grove.

Pet Adoption info: 

Mary Ellen, International Photographer
Mary Ellen, Proudly Displays her First Year of
Fire Departments Photographs
at the Community Center Exhibit.

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