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Dogs are a 'Blessing'

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Barbara and Chuck with one of their many blessings,
their purebred 9 year old Lhasa Apso shelter dog, Blessing.

What a win-win situation for people and pet! The week before adopting Blessing, Barbara's and Chuck's wonderful dog, Lady, unexpectedly died. 

To ease their broken hearts they went to 'look' at the pet shelter to see if there was a possible match for their home.  Lady's shoes would be hard to fill.

"Shelters are heart rendering because so many hopeful animals are wanting homes.  Out of the seven dogs Blessing was the only dog not barking or going crazy in her kennel," said Barbara.

"She was a proper lady," said Chuck. "I must admit I am a sucker for little faces with irresistible brown eyes and cute noses. Blessing looked up at me and I was instantly hooked. She let us pet her, look into her ears, eyes and mouth, and handle her feet. She was at ease with us and we knew she was the one for us!"

Chuck went to inform the shelter staff that they wanted to adopt Blessing, only to be told her adoption was pending by another couple. What a blow! 

"It felt like losing two dogs in a week!" said Barbara. "The staff suggested that we still spend time with her, in case the other family decided not to adopt her. We were playing with Blessing, in an introduction room, and a couple with 2 children watched us through the window.  The staff had us fill out adoption paperwork but we didn't think we had a chance.

With heavy hearts Barbara and Chuck left the shelter and 20 minutes later their phone rang.  "Apparently the other couple had decided not to take the dog so we returned to the shelter," said Barbara. 

"The family who had watched us were still there, so I asked the man if they were sure we could adopt Blessing. He gave us a big smile and said, 'Yes, you can have her.' Upon which, I gave him a hug.  They had seen how much we had loved Blessing and knew as we did; that she was the perfect match for our home.

As you can guess, Blessing has been a blessing in so many ways.  She lives up to her name and we couldn't have asked for a better pet if we had special-ordered her! She immediately got along with our cats and other dog. As a matter of fact, she ignores the cats.  Blessing is about nine years old and proves that shelter dogs make wonderful pets, especially for adults and seniors.  She is so much like our beloved Lady and fits easily into our home.

As you can see from Blessing's photo, she is one of the cutest dogs on the planet.  She has a sweater that reads, "University of C.U.T.E."

After eating, her favorite thing is to have Chuck turn her over on her back and give her a tummy rub until she falls sleep.  People say we spoil her but, honestly, we feel spoiled that she is in our lives.  Blessing adores Chuck and loves going for truck rides with him, even if it's just to town for a newspaper," said Barbara.

"Riley, our American Eskimo, is also a shelter dog and he and Blessing get along well.  Riley is older and slower and is patient with Blessing's active spirit.  They sleep side by side, until Riley rolls onto Blessing.  Then she growls to wake him up to tell him to move over," laughs Chuck.

"We donate household items to the Humane Society gift shop to support their wonderful work in our community," says Chuck.  "We also enjoy attending their annual Bow Wow Around Town walk with our dogs.  It is a fun way to meet other dog lovers and walk with them and their many breeds of dogs around town.  The small entrance fee helps the humane society and it is a wonderful family event.  This year; Blessing decided to take a rest while everyone walked ahead.  Luckily I was following the group in my truck with her pet stroller in the back."

"When Blessing put on her brakes, instead of carrying her the last quarter mile, Chuck gave me her stroller and Blessing rode in style to the finish line!  She had a great time on the walk, she met 25 other dogs and, after the event, she slept all afternoon! See you and your dogs there next year!" encourages Barbara.


"Mary Ellen, thank you for writing the story on my daughter, Courtney and her rescued kitten, Sugar.  I've shared their Tips 'n' Tales story about Courtney spending last summer saving Sugar's  life with all of my friends, relatives and co-workers," writes Shannon.  "Sugar continues to grow and entertain us with her funny antics."
Chetan, a Tips 'n' Tales reader in India writes, "Respected madam Mary Ellen, I have a  collection of more than thirty cat books. Did you know that in Egypt, cat mummies out number human mummies according to Guide to Cats by Pugnetti and Siegal?"
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