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Three Life Saving Dogs

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Jo's shopping trips are always a joy with her therapy dogs, Skeeter, Maximilian, and SuzieQ, smiling and uplifting other customers.  What most people do not realize is that these three dogs silently lead a heroic life that is nothing short of miraculous!


We look with our eyes, yet often we do not see the real story.  When Jo rides by you on the store's electric scooter pushing her three over-the-top adorable dogs in their own buggy beside her, you might think one of three things: "This lady loves dogs. Those dogs are the most adorable dogs in the world. Or, Wow!  Look! Three-for-one therapy dogs!"  But you would have missed their amazing story.

Jo's three cute dogs are lifesavers.  Yes. All three of them.  Each dog, on different occasions, has saved either Jo's life or her husband Bill's life.

"Max and I traded the favor of life.  When he was born, he was not breathing. So I breathed the first few breaths into his little body," Jo explained.

"I am diabetic and many times Max prevents me from going into a diabetic coma by jumping on my pillow, licking my face, and whining until I respond to him.  When I check my blood sugars, they have fallen from a safe level of 120 to below 60. Max is truly my guardian angel!"

Jo saved Max's father, Skeeter, from certain death when he was around seven months old.  Jo was out riding her big red three-wheeled motorcycle when she saw a bull dog attacking a little dog that was cowering in the gutter. She stopped, snatched up the little dog, tucked him inside her coat, climbed back on her motorcycle, and rode him straight home. She named the little Party Pomeranian "Skeeter" because he was about the size of a mosquito,

Jo had her work cut out for her.  After Jo got Skeeter home, she rushed him to the vet clinic.  Skeeter did not have a microchip, so she could not return him to his original guardian.  Skeeter was infested with fleas, and his fur was so matted they shaved him to make him comfortable.  It took three sinks full of warm shampoo water to get the gutter dirt out of his fur.

For the last twelve years, Jo and Skeeter have been inseparable.  "He is my main four-legged little man." she admits. "We travel with Skeeter, and he has been more places than most people.  He's seen California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and attended the annual Biker's Rally event in Sturgis, South Dakota. Skeeter's age has left him with cataracts, but he still romps and plays like a very happy little puppy," smiles Jo.

"Skeeter and SuzieQ watch over my husband when he is sleeping.  Occasionally, when Bill stops breathing, one or both of the dogs jump on Bill's tummy to startle him awake."

Jo did not train the dogs. Their own innate wisdom and love for Jo and Bill encourage the dogs to save their lives...over and over.

"The dogs know that when they are in their stroller, they are therapy dogs. I carry a card stating that I can have them with me at all times. Not only are they wonderful therapy for me, but when other customers in the stores see them, they smile and talk to us.  My dogs touch more hearts than just mine and Bill's."

"In the last four years, my husband has been in and out of the hospital and the dogs ease my pain and worries. They give me a reason to laugh, get up in the morning, take care of them, and have something warm to hug in his absence.  The dogs have an amazing canine ability to know when I need them the most.  When Bill is out of intensive care, the four of us are allowed to visit him in the hospital.  The nurses then come to get me to take the pups in to cheer up other patients.

If you want a bundle of love to sleep with you, sit with you, walk with you, and be your best friend, adopt a Pomeranian," suggests Jo.

Jo is so good with pets that her cat, Fluff, also likes to ride around the house and up and down the street in the stroller with the dogs.

Jo's story explains why she is so dedicated to her dogs. "Our dogs are better behaved than some children," she says. Then she pauses and laughs before adding, "And I might say some adults too! I would not trade my three four-legged children for anything!"

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
It can't possibly get any cuter than these three therapy dogs: Skeeter, Maximilian, and SuzieQ.  Max has a million-dollar smile!


Animals often become lost.  Whether they are chased away, wander from their homes, or are frightened into a run by loud noises, follow Jo's advice. "Make sure you have your pets micro-chipped so they can be returned to you."  

To rescue your favorite breed of pet, go to Type its breed and the word rescue  in the search line.  For example: Pomeranian rescue, Persian rescue, Dachshund rescue and the rescue groups in your area will display.
Why Dogs are Better than Children
(1) eat less
(2) are trainable
(3) don't talk back
(4) come when called
(5) never drive the car
(6) don't ask for money
(7) lick away your tears
(8) no phone/texting bills
(9) world's best car alarm
(10) don't wear your clothes
(11) finish all of your leftovers
(12) will protect you to the end
(13) can smell bad guys
(14) don't want the latest fashions
(15) don't have to save for college 
(16) don't smoke, drink, or do drugs
(17) never notice your bad hair days
(18) love you just because you are you
(19) declare you as their best friend in the world
(20) do a little 'happy' dance when you come home
(21) do not notice or care if you gain a few pounds
(22) sleep on your bed, beside you, or on you to be near you
(23) love and appreciate anything you cook and share with them
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