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Elderly Dog's Travel Tip

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Sandy cleverly solved the problem when her elderly dog Emma, 13 years old, could no longer jump up onto the car's seat.  Much to Emma's delight, Sandy single-handedly removed the front car seat, laid down a blanket, and placed Emma's favorite squeaky toys on the blanket.  Once again, car riding is a pleasure for Emma.


One never forgets the first magical look into their pet's eyes, but Sandy had to wait. "My sister's Labrador had a litter of puppies, and I chose Emma when she was only four days old.  She was tiny and totally irresistible.  I still laugh remembering how the entire litter looked like little guinea pigs.
Emma's eyes did not open for another 10 days, and then we could finally 'see' each other.  Emma was my 40th birthday present, and it has been 13 years of love between us.   Emma is so much fun!  What a wonderful soul mate, and she is definitely the best present that anyone could ever dream of!"

Like any only child, Emma loves getting gifts, and she has dozens of toys she enthusiastically plays with.

Emma is one spoiled dog and Sandy's mother doesn't help the situation! "Almost, every time my mother sees Emma, she gives her a new toy! My father loves taking 'his Emma' out for walks and showing her off to his neighbors.  They both love their grand-dog!
Emma has given me so much joy over the years.  Every morning, I can count on her for a big hug and a joyous start to my day.  Knowing she is in the house gives me such an indescribable comfort.  Emma is a very big part of my life, and I am grateful for her.  Animals truly complete our lives."

Emma's muzzle is now shaded with a white beard that shows her advanced years. Her hearing is difficult and her eyesight is fading. After all these years, Sandy and Emma still enjoy walking together, just ever so slowly now.  

"Because of Emma's arthritis, she can no longer jump up onto the front seat of my car," explains Sandy.  "The solution was easy! I removed the front seat!  Now Emma easily climbs into the car.  She sits or sleeps very contentedly beside me.  Every now and then, she stands up to check out the view.  Emma's favorite trip is to the coast to walk on the beach.  We no longer take as long of a walk as in the past, but at her age and with her health, we are lucky to still be going on walks.

I appreciate every day with Emma, and I think her feelings about me are the same," smiles Sandy.


Tips to keep blind aging pets safe and oriented:

-Different floor textures such as tile, wood, carpeting, throw rugs, and rubber mats indicate to the pets where they are.

-Strategically place throw rugs so the pets know which part of the house they are in.

-A table-top water fountain allows hearing pets that are blind know the height of a table top, or counter, or which room they are in or need to head into.

-Wind chimes in the yard, or over heat vents in the home alert pets to its location in the yard or home.

-A different scent in each room, such as a vanilla candle, non-toxic potpourri, lavender sachet, or eucalyptus leaves helps blind and/or deaf pets orient themselves.

-Solar wind chimes let pets know if it is day or night.

-Bells on doors let pets knows when the door is open or closing.

-Emphasize your pet's advanced senses, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. Be creative and don't move furniture or leave objects on the floor for them to bump into.

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