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 Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Hugh adjusts Sophie & Janos' safety belts


Hugh and Debby have two Vizslas; Zsofika (Sophie) three years old, and Janos, who is one year old.

The Vizsla, is a hunting breed developed in feudal Hungary. When Russians invaded Hungary, after WWII, they saw the Vizsla as a symbol of the aristocratic class.
The Russians pushed for extinction of the breed. Luckily, many of the aristocrats escaped to neighboring Austria, taking their hunting dogs with them.

In 1960, the Vizsla was recognized by the American Kennel Club, and the breed has enjoyed an increasing popularity ever since.

In addition to being superb hunting dogs, this breed makes incredible house dogs. They enjoy interacting with humans.
Be aware that they are an energetic breed, and need daily exercise, if you are considering adopting one.
Hugh says, "We enjoyed Sophie so much, that we decided to add a second Vizsla to our family.
They provide us with wonderful companionship, a source of enjoyment, and fill our home with love. Our two dogs have a large vocabulary and understand a lot of what my wife and I say."
Debby says, "We began our pet family when our children grew up and moved on. Our children laugh, and say we take better care of the dogs than we did them!"
"Vizslas are brilliant dogs. They are very easy to train, and they need close contact with their guardians. Sophie and Janos sleep in bed with us. They burrow under the blankets, and put their heads on the pillows.
If the blankets come off, any time during the night, they stand up in bed, and wait until we tuck them in again! Some nights, we don't get a lot of sleep, but Sophie and Janos's closeness means as much to us as to them.
Our friends call them, our "velcro dogs."
"By the way, our children are jealous that Sophie and Janos hit the news, and they haven't!"

Hugh says, "We use harnesses on the dogs, when transporting them in the car.
The harnesses, only take a few minutes to put on.
They provide a safety factor, and keep the driver free of the distraction, from having the dogs from trying to help with the driving!"
Debby says, "When we took obedience classes, the instructor recommended crating pets or putting them in a safety harness while driving.
They said, it not only keeps the dogs safe from becoming projectiles in vehicular accidents, it also keeps you from being harmed." 

Pet Adoption info: 

From YOUR CAT magazine
"I was astounded by the photographs Mary Ellen sent us, of her cats actually in the water...swimming!
I could hardly believe the photos were real!
It is fantastic featuring her swimming cats in our magazine, to teach others.
I telephoned Mary Ellen, and am convinced that she and her daughter Ariel, have trained their cats, with absolute kindness, and an amazingly close bond.
We love her article, and featured her swimming cats, on our EXCLUSIVE page. It has received a really big 'thumbs up' from our team here in England."

Sue Parslow
Your Cat magazine
Great Britain's
YOUR CAT magazine's March Issue

Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
Swimming Cats on TV
Mary Ellen's Beautiful Cats Swim Lessons

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