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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings

4,000 Pounds of Love!
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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Nancy hand feeding her beloved 18 year old, 4,000 pound, 6'11" pet Brahma bull!


The way that we treat animals measures our greatness.
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way it's animals are treated.
- Mahatma Gandhi -
Have you ever asked yourself, "What am I doing here?"  The idea flooded my mind standing in front of the second steer of the day!
An hour earlier, I stood beside 2,000 pound Andy, an Angus Steer, photographing him and Angela, for his amazing rescue story.   

Now, here I was with even greater trepidation, stroking the 2 foot long ear that graced the gentle face of a 4,000 pound, 6' 11" steer named, Moses--all the while, cautiously staring at his massively curved horns.
This photograph was taken a week before Moses, at the age of 18, left this earth.
Nancy described her beloved Brazilian Brahma Moses, saying, "He was like a puppy dog, so sweet and gentle.  I treated him like a horse, and he responded like one. I hand fed him alfalfa twice a day and we always looked forward to our time together. He talked with his beautiful eyes, that were 3 inches high and 4 inches across."
Last summer, six small children arrived to visit Moses.  He loved how they rubbed his nose, and he lowered his head, so they could rub between his horns.
Moses' eyes sparkled; it was evident how much he was enjoying watching the children running around his 7 acres of pasture.  Two weeks later, they came back and the 3 year old was all but swinging on Moses' head.  Nancy said, "He was so gentle with the children."
Most people think cattle are for eating, but Nancy learned they make great pets.  She first saw Moses, his mother and sister starving in a pasture.  They had no grain, no salt blocks or clean
drinking water. Moses had developed a sway back from malnutrition.

Their drinking water trough was  full of algae.  Their owner had put gold fish in it.  So, they were accidently swallowing fish while trying to drink!

Nancy, an animal advocate, approached their guardian.  She made a deal not to report them to animal control, and bought all three on the spot for $2,300, and moved them to her ranch.  She
had never had a cow in her life, now she had three the size of small elephants!   Can you imagine your pets eating 3-4 bales of hay a day? Nancy and her husband, Bill, grew their own hay, just to feed their Brahma steer and cows, and with the proper nutrition, Moses' body healed.
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Nancy spoiling Moses

I stood beside the two of them watching. Moses was lying in his field, it was evident that he was not feeling well. Nancy called him, he knew his name and responded. Nancy gently asked
Moses to stand for the photo, and like a car lifting off the ground, he heaved his 4,000 pounds onto his aging legs at her request.  Their bond was obvious.  Throughout seventeen years
together, Moses carefully looked out for Nancy, and never once stepped on her feet.
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Gentle Moses

 A week later, Moses was dying.  He had lost weight.  All of Nancy's bag of tricks to stop a hoof abscess and repair his popped knee that developed an infection, had not worked.  Sweet Pea, his 15 year old Brahma cow companion, knew something was very wrong.  When Moses tried to stand, Sweet Pea maneuvered herself under him, and helped to lift him, so he could stand and straighten out.  She helped him take the weight off his painful legs.
Moses never liked snow.  When Nancy heard that it was going to snow, and saw that there was no hope of saving him, she phoned the veterinarian.
Moses knew his time was up.  He quietly lay down when the vet approached him.  Sweet Pea walked over to them and lay beside Moses.  They were so bonded.  Nancy knew that each of their loving hearts would be broken without the other.  The vet released both Brahmas into Heaven's pastures, and with tears streaming down her face, Nancy had them buried side by side in their field.  They had a wonderful life, and it snowed the next day.
Nancy's ranch hand saw her and her husband crying and said, "I never saw cattle affect anyone like this!"  And then the ranch hand turned, and began crying for the loss of the two gentle giants.
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Sweet Pea and Moses
Brahma was known as the Hindu God of Creation. As with Nancy and Moses, all of God's creatures are created one in Spirit just as are we humans.  In India cows are sacred. Moses and Sweet Pea showed us why.


Nancy suggests, "There should be a law that cattle ranchers provide shelters for their herds from rain, snow, wind and intense summer heat.  All our animals have a barn in each pasture. Cows hate rain, and when their bodies get wet they get cold. Just like we do.
They need and want a shelter, or a substantial loafing shed or barn for protection.  Not having a shelter saves their owners money. A wet dripping tree is not adequate shelter, and I have seen cows in barren pastures without even a tree.  They need a barn that is safe. 
Moses always had 3-4 feet of straw on his barn floor for warmth and it kept arthritis away.  He lived a long life because he was warm at night nestled deep in his straw."
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