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Animal lover, electrical engineer, and pet astrologer/numerologist Giana, has a purr-fect goal of promoting harmony between pets and their humans through respect and awareness. She is holding, Oreo, one of her three cats, so-named because of her beautiful coat's markings, and also with the aid of numerology. 

Giana's passion of bringing pets and people together lead her to create an online pet radio program, The Pet Engineer, and to co-author a book, Numerology For Pets.

Giana's co-author and mother, Hiezza Rossetti, a resident of São Paulo, Brazil, is also a famous numerologist and astrologist for people and pets. Because Giana and her mother are experts in these fields, they are are frequent guests on TV shows both in Brazil and in the USA.

"Numerology, the study of numbers and their meanings, is often associated with Pythagoras, the "Father of Mathematics". Our book is based on his concepts and the manner in which dogs, cats, and other animals perceive the human language. It explains techniques on how to create pet names that they'll love and respond to," said Giana.

Giana combined her esoteric wisdom with her studies of animals' hearing frequencies and their behaviors towards human language, bringing her a wealth of knowledge in pet communication.

Just like humans, animals develop a psychological profile upon hearing their names. Each letter of an animal's name is similar to the individual notes on a musical scale in that each individual name has a certain sound--the same as individual notes combine into different sounding melodies--depending upon the individual animal's innate hearing frequency.

"An example of how a pet's name numerologically fits its personality is best shown through my friend Laura's black Labrador, Oliver," said Giana. "Oliver is a beautiful dog, but was born with typical numerological "9" personality traits, such as a jealous streak, extreme attachment to his owners, and hating to be left alone, resulting in a constant need for attention. Laura and her husband could not leave Oliver alone or come home smelling of another pet, because their dog's jealous reaction, which drove them " crazy". So, frustrated, Laura asked for help in renaming Oliver. I told her that he was better suited to an "8" name. Laura applied the principals of Numerology in search of an "8" name, and came up with "Cuchi". For the next two weeks, she and her husband called Oliver by this new name and by the end of the second week, Laura noticed that he had developed "8" traits; he was friendlier, mellower, less jealous, and lost the "9" trait of craving attention. Now, Laura and her husband can pet other dogs, and Cuchi demonstrates affection rather than jealously towards them. Changing the dog's name brought peace to the dog and household."

Giana's radio program, The Pet Engineer, focuses on pets overcoming health, social or psychological problems. "My radio show is about pets and people helping each other. The show features pet advice, news, tips, behavior, the latest products in the pet industry, and special guests such as pet columnist Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe." One broadcast featured the link between animals and autism; another, the dogs for veterans program. My guests inspire and teach listeners such things as the fact that animals see in "pictures", that is, one "frame" at a time, while humans see  in "movies", or many "frames" at once; and, that cats can swim," laughs Giana.

"My radio show is growing exponentially, faster than I ever expected it to.
However, I come from an Italian family who believes in destiny, and this, obviously, is part of my destiny. It seems that I work harder now than I ever did as a "corporate" engineer. My show is posted on my website and on 44 RSS Feed sites, receiving nearly 900 hits daily from 57 countries. People are tired of the onslaught of negative news and glad to hear good news. My show has no discussions regarding and/or related to politics, religion, race, or status; it is just people talking about their love for their pets. Helping pets through the radio show feeds my soul," adds Giana. Listen to The Pet Engineer's free podcast at

Also of interest is that one of my three cats, Miciu Miau, jogs with me every day," said Giana.  "Changing the pronunciation of this illusive cat's name flipped her personality and attitude 180 degrees, proving that the sound of a pet's name to its ears is as important as our names are to us. "   View Miau jogging:


It is as easy as adding 1, 2, 3, to analyze your pet's name. Each letter is "converted" into a number, then added together until the one "magic" number remains: A = 1; B = 2; C = 3, and so forth. When you reach a number 9 letter, go back to 1 and repeat the entire alphabet is numbered.

Add the corresponding numbers of each letter together, then reduce them to a single digit, 1 through 9. For example, 16 =  1 + 5 = 6; and 1974 = 1 + 9 + 7 + 4 = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3.
Example: Brutus = B+R+U+T+U+S = 2+9+3+2+3+1 = 20 = 2+0 = 2, Brutus' "magic" number.

Numerology For Pets says that pets with "1" names are often anxious, independent and sometimes temperamental, and that those with "2" names characteristically are loving, companions, and sometimes aggressive towards strangers, etc. For more information read Giana's book:

Listen to Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" on Giana's show:
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