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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
with Robert Neumann BCH- Herbalist  
Oriental Pet Wisdom & Nutrition

Dearest Pet Parents,
With the on going pet food recalls, many of us are working extra hard to keep our pets' health and immunity functioning at its best. For our family and our cats' health, we often seek the wisdom of Chinese herbalist, Robert Neumann.
When I had c. 9 years ago, he walked me back to health through choosing the correct foods to strengthen my immunity. 
Every time we eat, every time we drink...we alter our body's chemistry.  So it is prudent to eat foods that are medicinal for the body.  Robert also suggested Chinese herbs, through the use of pulse points, and tongue analysis to keep healing on track.
We recently e-mailed a digital photo of my husband's tongue to Robert, as we live in Oregon and Robert lives in Tacoma. Robert does phone consultations by observing the lines on the tongue. It saves time and gasoline!
May his information below help your pet's health.  With all the pet food recalls last year, and last week, our pet's immunity needs us to carefully observe it and help where we can.
This newsletter is for informational purposes only.  Make sure you take yourself to your medical professional, your pet to the Veterinarian, and always follow your instincts.
Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Robert Neumann BCH- Herbalist holds Miss Wings
In today's world, our pets are conditioned to eat store-bought food.  They may have difficulty adjusting to natural food; most have never seen it, and they have never been in the wild.

To help snap a pet out of an illness
1) provide a more natural diet
2) create alkalinity using colloidal silver, seaweed solutions or some supplements.

The cause of cancer may be linked to a diet of  high acid foods, which includes white flour, sugar, excess meat, etc.--these start depriving the body of oxygen.  Yeast survives and thrives in an oxygen-deprived environment. Take the time to read the book "Alkinalize or Die". This theory also applies to your pet's well being.
See Dr T. Simoncini's book, "Cancer is a Fungus", and there is also an amazing free YOU TUBE video series by Dr. Simoncini. This is a new way to look at this disease that affects human beings as well our animal friends.  According to Dr. Simoncini, yeast is a fungus, like a mushroom; and if you can kill it off, your body can heal again since that is its innate tendency.

Your pets enjoy optimum health when they eat what they would naturally eat if they were living in the wild. For cats this does not mean you have to rush out and purchase live mice for them to chase and consume.

Consider including ground raw meats; but do not leave it sitting out in their dishes for hours.

Grind up small amounts fish, rabbit and occasionally red meat.  See how they respond; they are conditioned to eat kibble, but it is going to take time to change them over.
Remember, DON'T LEAVE THESE ITEMS SITTING OUT FOR VERY LONG. They must be refrigerated or thrown away when not eaten by your pet.

Keep your pets away from grains such as rice, wheat etc, if they are suffering from a kidney ailment, skin condition or bowel problem.  If your pet is urinating more than usual, make sure it's not eating, grains, sweet potato, yams, pumpkin, potato or too many starches in general. Instead make sure they are drinking water with added electrolytes.

A slight increase in your pet's salt intake may prove to be beneficial to your pet's health. This is especially true in the winter months.

Animals function better with a high protein and fat diet.  If your pet is healthy, including some carbohydrates on a daily basis is OK.

In the wild, your pet would not eat a sweet potato or rice.  They will eat grass.  Your pets will not eat grass just to throw up. Their desire for grass may mean that they are too acidic; eating grass helps alkalize their bodies.

Another option is to make a little seaweed stock with Kombu or Wakame (seaweeds) and drain the liquid off and add some Bonito fish flakes for them (this item is available in most Japanese markets and some health food stores in the Macrobiotic section of the store).  Feed the broth to your pets to restore balance to their systems.

One of the safest ways to help your pet overcome an infection is with colloidal silver. You can administer a half-dropper full 2 times per day.  Use more if needed.  Pay close attention to how your pet is responding to the product.

Use only natural products to clean your pet.  Look at the ingredients list; remember if you can't pronounce it, don't buy it.  They absorb the product by osmosis (through their skin.)  Or in a cat's case, they lick it off, and it goes into their digestive system. Just as we do when we  put anything on our skin, it enters our  bodies trans-dermally.

If I can be of further assistance to you for your health or your pet's health -- please contact me for a consultation.
One of the many benefits of a live (phone) consultation is to address the issue that is specific to your pet's needs.
$45.00 for half hour
$90.00 for an hour
Visa, Mastercard or debit card
Robert Neumann BCH- Herbalist
1.800.916.2643 or 253.474.2643

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