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Rescues Hanna

Marie, Pete with Puppet & Hanna
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Pete & Marie, with Hanna's Rescuer, Puppet


Marie and Pete, new owners of Koratchenko's Gifts at 609 Main Street, Cottage Grove, Oregon have a touching pet tale.

Shortly after their oldest dog died, Marie was pulling out of her driveway, when a tiny, furry, object rushed in front of her vehicle.  She braked, and jumped out to see what she had almost hit. 

Marie says, "It was a little hairy pup, thankfully uninjured. My son called her, she jumped with joy, and ran right to him!"

My daughter, Susan, and I spent hours walking the little lost pup around the neighborhood. We knocked on doors, asking if anyone knew who belonged with the dog. I was disappointed, we didn't find its guardian.
I've never been a fan of small dogs, and looked at this trusting little dog, and thought "I don't have time for training it."

We were in the process of moving to Cottage Grove, had just lost a dog, and my black lab Hanna, was in such grief, we were afraid of losing her too.
We carried the little dog into our home, and when we set her down, the craziest thing happened. She ran around like a wind-up-toy.
She went up, down, and over, everything.  She jumped off the furniture like 'Wonder Dog.'

The puppy ran over to our sofa, jumped up on it, and ran over the top of our grieving dog Hanna, who was peacefully sleeping on it ... twice.

Hanna's eyes sprang open, at the first unexpected jolt, and watched the odd little dog run around. 
Hanna's eyes came to life, she was totally entertained by this happy sprite. The little dog was so excited, to be in our home, she continued running with wild, unabandoned joy.

I thought, "This dog is crazy!" She charged around the house, another ten minutes.
Then, just as if she had a bad case of Narcolepsy, she flopped over, and was immediately asleep.

For the first time in three days, Hanna pulled herself up, and walked over to the new furry wind-up-toy. 
She sniffed it, to check if it was alive or a toy.  Then she did the strangest thing. 
She reached over, and tried to swat the little sleeping pup like a fly. The pup woke up, jumped to her feet, and again, ran around like the Energizer-Bunny. 

The two dogs absolutely love each other. Hanna's grief lifted, and the little dog got a home.

We named Hanna's new friend, Puppet, because she is 'almost a real dog.'

Puppet is a ten pound party animal.  We are always laughing, at her sweet spirit and antics.

Our Grand Opening at Koratchenko's Gifts, is on October 2nd.  We love meeting our Cottage Grove neighbors. 
Come in, meet our family, and dogs...and explore the treasures in our shop."


In the twelve years we lived in Palmdale, California our family placed close to 200 dogs with new owners.

The secret is, our family house and leash trains them.  Plus, we taught the dogs basic commands.

Then, people where willing to take a chance on the dog. We had very few returns. It was worth the time and investment.  One of the greatest gifts, is the love of a pet.

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between this magnificent horse and its rider.

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