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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
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Dr. Lisa's Furry Clients
Dr. Lisa Piccioni with Nymbus
Dr. Lisa and Nymbus
Animal Chiropractic Care
Dr. Piccioni resides seven minutes from Cottage Grove, Oregon, and is a celebrity Veterinarian, certified in animal chiropractic.
Just as people benefit from spinal alignments, hip adjustments etc., so do animals.
Imagine living an entire life time "bent out of kilter." Cottage Grove chiropractors, and their clients, can well attest to the pain relief chiropractic care gives.
Two local chiropractors recommended Dr. Piccioni, knowing she would benefit, Pet Tips 'n' Tales Mary Ellen "Angel Scribes" cat, "Miss Wings."
Several years ago, Miss Wings was spayed, and the resulting scar tissue was pulling on her bladder, causing her to urinate outside the litter box.
This was the only way for Miss Wings to communicate her discomfort. "I knew she was not misbehaving.
She is a good cat, and only the pain of something wrong, would lead her to do that. I was determined to search, until an answer was found."
Dr. Lisa Piccioni loves animals! Miss Wings melts into her calm and safe hands, as she administers adjustments.
Animals understand Dr. Piccioni is helping, and local pet guardians are grateful for the gift of Dr. Piccioni. She helps alleviate their animals' pain and suffering.
Dr. Piccioni successfully broke up Miss Wings' scar tissue, then adjusted her spine.
That was months ago, and Miss Wings has not shown signs of recurring bladder infections.
Miss Wings 'son,' Myster E., for months, had thrown up all his meals.
Two sessions with Dr. Piccioni, and his digestion is back to normal. He has gained weight, and grown since his appointment.
Dr. Piccioni is well known, and respected in the Pacific Northwest.
She adjusts dogs competing in agility trials, sled racing, obedience, conformation and frisbee, as well as on many beloved dogs and cats.
She also adjusts horses competing in dressage, combined training, jumping, gaited horse shows, roping, reining, 4-H, pony club and recreational trail riding.
She has also helped mules, miniature horses, donkeys and llamas.
For three years, Dr. Piccioni has adjusted Ms. Garners' horses, and the effects on her equines is noticeable. Ms.Gardner's, 'My Choklat Moose,' is a two time World Grand Champion Missouri Fox Trotter.
So, it was an easy decision for Ms. Gardner to bring her new spunky puppy, 'Evil Eye Ellie' in for a "grow straight and strong" appointment.
Dr. Piccioni believes, "It is most important to use chiropractic care as prevention, instead of waiting until an animal is in pain, and their body has compensated for misalignments.
Adjusting them after injuries from running into walls and furniture, which is natural for young animals, helps them grow, move and work to their best strengths and potential."
"Many dogs seem to have hip problems, but they have sacroiliac problems, which can easily be adjusted."
Her veterinary-chiropractic practice, "Pawsitive Motion" is in demand, as she travels the Pacific Northwest adjusting animals, many of which, have multiple titles and championships.
Dr. Piccioni, "Our family loves this area. The scenery around Cottage Grove is beautiful. We love the people here, and how they care for their animals."
Dr. Piccioni's drive to make animals lives' better, was instrumental in her starting two chapters of the United States Pony Clubs, one in Kansas and one in Eugene, Oregon.
For more information on Dr. Piccioni, animal chiropractic care and photos of her famous patients:

Pet Eye Problem
Miss Wings
Miss Wings sore eyes
Miss Wing's beautiful clear eyes
Miss Wings
Four years ago, Miss Wings and I, stopped and visited a Shaded Silver breeder, and all the breeder's cats had runny eyes.
I thought, oh, oh...if Miss Wings has runny eyes in three days, we will know exactly where she got them.
Well, three days...and four years later, this is how her eyes looked.
Miss Wings suffered from the eye conditon, and we had tried every medical and natural product trying to clear them up.
This is why you only saw photos of her three kittens, but rarely any of Miss Wings.
UNTIL...I discovered TheraNeem Pet Shampoo by Organix-South, Inc.
1 888 989-NEEM
We bathed our five cats in the Thera Neem shampoo. They all relaxed in the warm bath water and their dried fur was silky and shiny.
The shampoo product says it is good for mites, very sore or itchy skin irritations, without the side effects of a prescription, and safe for all animals, including puppies and kittesn over four weeks. etc.
So, a light went on in my mind!
I put a little Neem shampoo into an egg cup with water. As an experiment, for three days, I used a Q-tip and gently washed around the outside of Miss Wings eyes on the fur.
The second day, her eyes and fur around them were 85% clear.
The third day, 100% clear, and today, they remain healthy.
I wish someone had told our family about this product four years ago!
May this information help make you, and your pets lives better.
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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
Swimming Cats on TV
Mary Ellen's Beautiful Cats Swim Lessons

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