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Pet Intuition Saves Lives
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Debbie Lavois, co owner of OLD MILL FARM STORE houses homeless kittens and cats in her store so they can show off their "adorableness" to customers in the hopes of finding homes. The above kitty and her twin are a bargain at $50. A "free kitten" will cost you more in spay/neuter and examination fees than will this black beauty and her sweet sister. And, their "old black magic" (intuition) may even save your life one day, too, as the following tales demonstrate.


I never know when one Tips 'n' Tales story will lead to another. For example, there was the "Tale" that united two dog "brothers" after their pet parents recognized the similarities in their respective dogs' photos. And who can forget the exciting "Animal Planet" filming event featuring Tips 'n' Tales" and Cottage Grove in "Must Love Cats" to be aired later this year! And then the "Must Love Cats" crew filming Rude Ranch Sanctuary upon my recommendation. Plus, many times I gain valuable insights in the process which I, in turn, pass along to you. Today's fur-raising tales serve to remind us to listen to not only our own inner guidance, but also to that of our pets.

Who ever thought that being a pet columnist could have dangers! Years ago, a couple emailed the Sentinel an amazing pet story we thought you'd love to read so I arranged to interview. However, I started to feel uncomfortable about the meeting; "something" warned me that regardless of it's powerful content, I should "pass" on sharing their story.
To try to set my mind at ease I phoned my best friend, world-renowed Seattle psychic Atira, for her input.   "Walk on by," Atira said, "This couple doesn't deserve to be honored. I don't feel good about you going to this location." Consequently, I "passed" on passing on their story to you.
A few hours later, the TV news reported a police raid, a drug bust and the names of those arrested--none other than the couple that had contacted us!

Some examples of listening to ours and our pets', intuition:
I was in a store's pet food aisle watching a woman painstakingly choose "just the right" cat food, so I asked her about her cat. "Oh, my cat, Belle, saved my family's life and nothing is too good for her," proudly stated the woman. "In the wee hours of the morning when I was asleep, Belle jumped up onto my bed meowing in my face. I thought she wanted outside so I got up to let her out. As we passed the bathroom I smelled smoke, so I looked in and saw a fire! I yelled for my son, who rushed in and threw water onto the flames. My son discovered that our ceiling fan had overheated, causing it to melt and subsequently drip molten plastic onto the bathroom's carpet, settling it on fire. Gases produced from burning household articles can explode, much like a burning stick of dynamite; in a very short time, kaboom! Belle is our feline fire alarm!"

Before I could ask the woman for her phone number to hopefully set up an appointment to interview her for an article on Belle's heroism, she turned her grocery cart around to chase after her grandsons.

Pay attention to what your pets are telling you. If they are acting out of character there is a reason for it - never underestimate their intelligence and/or "sixth sense".

One night Kathe's cat, Ivy, kept head-butting Kathe, loudly meowing and pacing on the bed while Kathe tried to sleep. Irritated, Kathe kept pushing Ivy away, but Ivy continued with her  odd behavior. The next morning, Kathe discovered that Ivy was trying to tell her that Pixie, Ivy's sister, was locked in the garage. Kathe had misread Ivy's cat-communication and mistakenly assumed the cat was just being annoying. Kathe now pays closer attention to her cats' behaviors and communications.

Debbie Lavois, co-owner of Old Mill Farm Store, adds, "One of our customer's 3-year-old daughters had the same dream, for three nights in a row, that a black cat needed her. Her father brought her to our store to see if we had a black kitty.  Yes, we did.  It was the most amazing thing to see. The minute the child and cat saw each other it was as if they'd known each other their entire lives. The father immediately adopted the kitty!"

Cindy thought that when her dog, Trouble, once woke her up to answer the phone, "it was a fluke", but after the dog did this several times she realized the acuteness of Trouble's "awareness". "My husband, Jerry, works night shift and if I don't hear the phone when he calls, Trouble awakens me and leads me to the ringing cell phone. I've learned to keep the phone by my bed so I don't have to follow Trouble to it while I'm half-asleep," laughs Cindy.
"I got a Dachshund puppy for my birthday," said Trish. "Four weeks later, I was sitting in my recliner and fell into a deep sleep. I awoke when my older dog, Bubba, began pulling at my arm and nudging me with his nose. I saw flames where the puppy had chewed a lamp cord, which started the carpet on fire. I should have put the puppy into his kennel when I took a nap. I learned my lesson! Bubba saved us from from dieing in a fire or of smoke inhalation."

Pets have active brains. Look into their eyes, follow what they are looking at, or if their behavior seems odd ask yourself, "If I could not speak, how would I alert someone to something that is wrong?" The "Lassie" TV series emphasized Lassie's attempts to "communicate" to her family that someone was in danger and needed help. Will you pay attention when your pet asks you for/to help?


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Heartwarming video -- Great Dane and his deer.

Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

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