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Crazy Cat "Walle"

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"©
Breanna, age 9, and her little brother, Brayton, age 5, love their crazy, 6-month-old, blue-eyed, cat, Walle who jumps off walls, and whose funny fur markings remind them of a cow.

"My cat's name is Walle," said Breanna as she proudly held him up for me to see. "He isn't acting crazy now because he's sleepy, but just wait until he wakes up! My mom found Walle abandoned; he was the only surviving kitten, and she gave him to me when he was 5-˝ weeks old.  He was a baby and he had to live by himself, trying to feed himself with no mother; so sad.  I'm glad that she gave him to me.

That same day, a Walgreen's store flyer came in the mail, and when I saw it, I just thought of the name Walle for him," (pronounced "Wally").

"He's is playful, handsome, and looks like a cow," laughs Breanna. "He is a boy cat who has different colored patches of fur, like markings on a cow."

And is he a calm cat? Nope! 

"Wally likes to attack my toes and head when I'm asleep," said Breanna.

"Yes, he sure does," confirms eight-year-old Emily, Breanna's friend. "Walle likes to attack us both when I come for sleepovers.  Breanna and I have been friends for 4 years and I'd just like to say that Walle is a crazy cat that bounces off walls."

"Cats can be a little bit out of control," admits Breanna. "Walle likes to jump off the couch and spring off the wall; he is crazy-playful.  Then he jumps back up onto the couch to attack us-  he is always ready to play.  This cat also has a crazy thing were he likes to chew up paper, any paper, that is lying around, then he sleeps on it. 

The best part of having a cat is that you have a little friend who is always there for you.  Walle must feel the same about us. When Brayton and I come home from school Walle wakes up from his nap and runs over and licks me, then of course he attacks me.  Walle thinks that all my toys are his toys.  He plays with anything because he thinks he is the boss of our house!

I like all pets, but especially cats.  When I was 3 years old I had a cat, Little Rascal, who liked to take baths with me, so I know how special cats are.

Walle is my responsibility. Every morning I give him fresh water, feed him, and clean his litter box.  When I come home from school I do it all over again.  It is worth it to have such a great cat who loves me as much as I love him."

Brayton and Breanna's father, Jim, supports their mutual love of Walle and plans to have him neutered to prevent any continuation of abandoned kittens, like Walle was from his bloodline.


"My advice to other kids is, 'Never leave your cat without things he needs in his life. Never let him down by forgetting to feed him or give him fresh water'", says Breanna. "And play with your cat because they love your company."

Pet trivia: To determine whether your pet is "rightpawed" or "southpawed", drag their favorite toy or food in front of them. Whichever paw reaches out first is the dominant one.


Black: Inky, Inkspot, Ace, Jack, Mystery, Mystique, Raven, Blackie, Sooty, Zorro.

Black 'n' White: BC (for Border Collie), Odie (polite for skunk-like odor), Allegra, Allegro, Angus, Bessie, Blaze, Checkers.

Blond: Bamboo, Bardot, Honey, Peaches, Sandy, Sunny.        

Brown: Almond, Bourbon, Chocó Paws, Fudge, Cloves, Hickory, Raisin.

Gray: Misty, Cloudy, Earl Gray, Graystock, Greymalkin, Moonshadow, Nickel, Pewter, Willow, Foggy, Charcoal, Smokey.

Red/Orange (Often have Irish first or surnames): Cinnamon, Coral, Ginger, Gingersnap, Saffron, Tangerine.

Torties:  Autumn.

White/Cream:  Cashmir, Chalky, Champagne, Cloudy, Clorox, Hope, Diamond, Icey, Magnolia, Mayo, Moonbeam, Pearl, Popcorn, Salty, Snow White, Snowcap, Snowcat, Snowy, Tapioca, Vanilla.

Patches: Patches, Pebbles, Puzzle, Picaso, Picassa, Collage, Marble, Smudges, Parquet.

Stripes: Sarge, Major, Tiger, Tigger.

Spots: Confetti, Blaze, Spotty, Patches, Dottie, Speckles, Sprinkles.

Extra Toes: Toesie, Mr. Toes, Paws, Big Foot.

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