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Susan Saves Sophie

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Susan and Sophie
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Susan with Sophie, a 14 year old,
German Shepherd/Dalmatian mix.

Susan writes, "Fourteen years ago, our family stopped mid step, in disbelief, outside a Palmdale, California store.

Someone was giving away eight week old, puppies. They were so thin, you could see their skeletons, showing through their fur.

Our hearts cried for the puppies, we rescued one, and named her Sophie.

The saddest thing, was the lack of light in her eyes, as most puppies eyes sparkle. We brought her home, to die in peace.

For the first two weeks, she would not leave the couch. I brought her food and water, and carried her in, and outside.

Her ribs where so bruised, that they took two months to heal!

Every time our other dog, Hanna, came near her, Sophie would yelp in fear, as if she were being attacked.

Then, one day, we saw her eyes sparkle.

I leaned over her, and whispered, "You are going to live." Sophie, looked at me, and lay her face in my hand, totally capturing my heart.

Sophie became curious, and ventured over to sniff Hanna, while Hanna slept. Soon, they where happily playing together.

Due to the abuse Sophie had suffered, she shook uncontrollably, and was afraid of people.

Can you imagine being alive, for only 64 days, and being so brutalized, that you shake for the next fourteen years?

She is terrorized of new situations, so the move to Cottage Grove was over whelming.

Soon, after we opened our Koratchenko's Gifts, my parents met Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" who noticed Sophie's nervous condition.

Mary Ellen had heard of a homeopathic remedy for emotional nerves, and my mother researched it, and bought some for Sophie.

The change in Sophie was dramatic and immediate!

Shortly after I gave her some, I could not find her anywhere. Frantically, I searched in all her usual hiding places.

Unbelievably, she was happily standing at the window, people watching. A 180' turn of events!

For a 14 year old dog, to change that much, well it is a miracle! Many of her fears have evaporated.

Now when we walk, her tail is no longer tucked under her.

She has finally relaxed, and is happier. Abuse is so long lasting, Sophie suffered with the fears and effects that had been ingrained in her, until now.

Come in, and watch Sophie run around the back of our gift store with Puppet, our new rescue dog.

If people saw how happy Sophie is, and the goofy things she does, they would love her, as much as we do. Also, her special trick is; she rolls over on her back, and honest to goodness, she looks up at us, and smiles!"

Susan suggests, "We were giving Sophie expensive relaxing drugs, for her nerves. We are so glad she is felling better with a homeopathic remedy.
Keep searching, there are answers to most health issues, your pet is counting on you! Consult your Veterinary or Homeopathic Veterinarian."

Problems with

Dog Chicken Jerky

Treats imported from China

Also, our cats started to loose their fur again. 

Their fur loss appeared abnormal.  So, I looked on the cans of 'safe' food and one said, MADE IN INDONESIA.

We put the food out the next day, five cats refused to eat it, so back to the store it goes.

Five cats are not picky eaters,

they were aware that the food was bad.

Just curious why our country buys food from poor countries to feed out pets?

How cheap is it to pay for the ship's fuel  to bring over the oceans? The impact of a 'cheaper' product does not exist.  It makes more sense to hire and employee our neighbors, in our own country, so they support their communities in many ways.

Having ill pets, pets with dry skin, skin eruptions, failing kidneys, massive fur loss, costs us much more at the vets, than paying for food made in our own country.  Something to think about...our pets are counting on it!

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