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How Do You Spell "Cat" and "Dog"?

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Steve and Karen with their pets Phideaux (Fido), the cat, and Khatt (Cat), the dog. If you think their play on  words regarding the spellings of their pet's name's is confusing, imagine just happening by as they're calling their dog and hearing, "Here Khatt! Here Khatt!"

Imagine a cat named Phideaux (Fido with a French twist), and a dog named Khatt, a tongue-in-cheek spelling for "cat".  This "reverse" dog and cat combination were named by their creative pet parents, Steve and Karen, who honor each and every furry family member with a unique name.

"Once we had a dog named Goody, so when we adopted a second dog we named her, Two Shoes," laughs Karen, "after the expression 'goody-two-shoes!'"

Nine years ago on a rainy November evening, Karen's and Steve's daughter, Jenna, was driving down Hwy 99 while home on a college break when she spotted an itty-bitty kitten on the roadway.  After making sure there were no oncoming cars, Jenna jumped out of her car, determined to "save" the kitten. Most kittens would skedaddle away, but not Phideaux! You have to give this kitten "points" for intelligence because she jumped right into Jenna's car! This kitten obviously knew a good thing when she saw it! Phideaux was only 4 weeks old and frail, so she and Karen made many trips down Hwy 99 to the vet clinic until Phideaux grew into a healthy young cat.

Phideaux arrived into their home first, followed by Khatt, an American Eskimo dog, 4 years later.  Upon Khatt's arrival, at 3 months of age, he was the same size as Phideaux.  The cat and dog began playing together like it was the most natural thing to do.

"Phideaux loves playing with our dog, Khatt," said Karen, "They roll around together and the cat loves to gently bite Khatt's front legs. Phideaux is a 'talker' and she runs through our home in the middle of the night with a ball in her mouth - while 'talking'.  Steve, and his parents, who live with us, all agree that Phideaux runs this house and that she thinks she is the Queen Bee.

Khatt is is very smart, except when it comes to chasing deer. He will get within 10 feet of one and when the deer chases him he runs through the doggy door and stands inside the house barking up a storm.

Jenna is now married and has a loving-white male German Shepherd named Dax. He is three times the size of Khatt and ten times the size of Phideaux.

But when Dax comes for a visit he knows not to get near Phideaux because she smacks him on the nose. Phideaux's showing off her half-Siamese-cat genes as a protector-cat of her domain.

Having pets is especially nice for my in-laws, Dale and Betty, who are both almost 90.  If they lived on their own they probably couldn't afford, care for or excercise pets.  At our home, they have the advantage of enjoying our animals but not having to pick up after them or buy their food.  My in-laws reap the benefits of dog and cat hugs, kisses and licks.

Khatt is especially good with Betty.  American Eskimos were originally used in circus acts because the dogs are known for their amazing balancing skill while standing on their hind feet.

My mother-in-law is unsteady on her feet and Khatt is smart enough to notice this nuance.  He is also smart enough to know how to get her attention. He stands up on his two hind feet, without leaning on her, so she can pet him.  He understands much more than most people give pets credit for." admits Karen.  "We feel blessed to have this cat and dog in our lives." 


"Mary Ellen, thank you for the Tips 'n' Tales article on pill pockets," emails Linda in Boyce Idaho. "We adopted Ping from our neighbor and then learned the Siamese cat had to be given 1-1/2 pills a month.

Ping weighs 13 pounds and it's impossible to hold him down to give him the pills. We finally asked the previous owner, 12-year-old Lauren, who handles Ping like a PRO, to do it for $10 per month. Lauren loves the idea but because Ping is an outside kitty, we never know if he'll be home when Lauren arrives.

After reading about pill pockets, I went to a pet/feed store and bought Greenies Pill Pockets. I read that introducing the pockets to a cat for a few days helps; we did this and discovered that Ping LOVES their taste!

Today, I cut the pills into quarters and then cut those quarters in half, in order to fit them in the pockets, but it was beautiful to see Ping gulp the pills right down! You have NO idea what a difference this makes in Ping's and our lives! Thank you for the useful information that you share with us readers!" wrote Linda. 
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