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Telepathic Pup and His People

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David, Sanae and Toppy, a Border Collie, recall the events of Toppy's adoption from a shelter. This happy family has discovered the benefits of pet telepathy.

David and Sanae's cat of 23 years passed, "We wanted another pet and decided on a Border Collie," said David, "so we went to a shelter to search for one."

The minute we saw the litter of pups it was over!  Then the strangest thing happened! "One of the pups was talking telepathically and I could hear him.  The puppy-phenomenon continues to this day!  We named the pup after our cat Toppy, who climbed 'on top' of things.  The litter of pups were named after computer parts; Disk, Mouse, Chip, Pixel, Floppy, and one male was called Lap Top.  Here is his story,"

'My name is now Top, although my humans call me Toppy which is a childish name for an Alpha male. I have three sisters and two brother but have lost contact with them since my adoption 1 1/2 years ago.

Adoption was an ordeal. The six of us were taken to a PetSmart store where a variety of potential adoptive parents were paraded before us. Each of the prospects hoping that one of us would decide they would be ideal parents and somehow signal our interest and affection.

As the smartest and most attractive of the litter, I had my choice of the humans that walked by us.

Several potential parents looked quite nice but they had small children.  That would not have been an ideal situation since I would have to compete for my parents' affections. One of those couples seemed interested in me so I had to nip at their little boy. One nip and luckily for me, the boy started crying which was all it took to convince them that I was too active for their taste.

Finally, an older couple approached. I could see in their eyes that they were affectionate and caring and would make ideal parents. Unbelievably, the woman picked up Disk, my sneaky sister, and said: "Oh look how cute she is! She's just perfect." Naturally, my sister began licking the woman's face. As she did this, I had a sickening feeling that the family I had picked was instead going to take my sister and I'd get stuck with another family. How unfair, since, as I've said, I'm clearly the smartest and most attractive.

Sensing that time was quickly running out, I made a move to get their attention and change the inevitable. I started whining and whimpering, and gave the man the most pitiful-pleading look imaginable. At first, it didn't seem to work as the man was talking with the woman and appeared to ignore me. Then, when it was least expected, fortune turned my way.

The man asked the woman, "Are you sure you want a female?" My little heart beat faster when I heard those words and it now seemed that all was not lost.

Then the woman nodded her head and said, "Sure, why not?"

"Why not?" I thought, "Can't you see that I'm by far the best choice? And I want to go home with you!" Despite my confidence, I was fearful that I was going to lose this battle. Then a ray of hope! I heard the man say, "Let's ask which are easier to train, males or females?"

The woman put my sister back into the crate next to me. Then I waited anxiously as the man and woman walked over to the representative of the Border Collie Rescue Team and engaged the rep in conversation. They returned to the crate, the man reached down, picked me up in his hands, and held his nose next to mine saying, "I like this cute little guy." My eyes opened with joy and I couldn't control my tongue as it rapidly licked his face.

Then he handed me to the woman. I squealed with joy and licked her face profusely! I could sense her heart warming to the idea of sharing her home with the cute little bundle of joy that was me. "Ok," she said, "If this is the puppy you want its OK with me."

On the way home, they kept talking about "their" decision and how they had picked me. Somehow it never occurred to them that I was the one who did the picking and that they were my choice. Oh well, I suppose it's best to let them think they are the ones in charge."

"See, I told you Toppy is amazing," said David enthusiastically. "He is such a wonderful dog, and he loves to have me write down his thoughts for him.  So we have a pet project: I write his view of the world and post his stories on the Internet. Toppy now has email friends in faraway places: China, England, India, Japan and Poland as well as all over the U.S.  The one thing we all have in common, no matter our social status, country, religion, gender is our love of pets."  

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A wandering pet has entered your yard - what do you do?  Feed and water him/her first in case he/she is lost, starving, and/or thirsty. If you think the stray may live close by, place a break-a-way collar on him/her, or a string that can break easily, tape your phone number on the collar instructing the pet's parents to phone you.

If no one phones you, then take the pet to a veterinary clinic or humane shelter to check for an ID chip. Check your newspaper, the next town's newspaper, the radio stations, Craig's list, and the vet clinics' bulletin boards for LOST pets.

If you are lucky, the pet will have a mircrochip and will be reunited to it's owners. If it does not have a chip, remember that most pets wander great distances from their home when lost.  Put "Lost and Found" fliers up at major intersections miles from your home, as well as locally. Also, post fliers near schools as children know which pets live in their neighborhoods. Offering a reward is also an incentive.
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