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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Kennedy High School students Kayla, Tiffanee, Cassie and Jacob are welcomed each school day by their favorite furry fellow student, Kennedy.

A "School"-erly Cat
Kennedy High School's 'adoptive' cat is hilarious", says principal Mike Ingman, "and she is great to have around for the students. I think she lives in one of the houses across the street from the school and recognizes my car as I drive down Taylor Street because she runs over to begin the school day with us when she sees me go by. Cats are rumored to have nine lives but this cat has nine names. As no one knows her given name, most refer to her as Kennedy, after the school, but I've heard her called Greg and Al, also. I hope her owners step forward to tell us her real name before she develops a complex!"

Cat lover and yoga instructor Mrs. Campuzano often finds Kennedy entertaining her students before she arrives to begin class. As a serious, scholarly, limber and flexible student, after mastering the ancient yoga cat poses, Kennedy assisted in implementing a new technique of downward dog to help Mrs. Campuzano teach the class increased flexibility and maintain their overall health. And as a natural born athlete, Kennedy knows that more oxygen to the brain increases the learning process. "Kennedy is a soft and silly cat. She tries to follow us into class, but unlike Mrs. Campuzano, most teachers won't allow her into their classrooms," says student Cassie Wright.

"Kennedy has visited our staff and students every single day of this school year," said office manager Jolie Presley. "The cat is a teacher in her own right, demonstrating compassion and acting as a therapist for emotionally troubled students. I won't go so far to say that Kennedy is an an educational mooch, but she has appeared in many of the classes unannounced. My feeling is that as the school year wanes, she'll be admitted to more classes especially because she's an A+ student in mouse removal."

Kennedy prides herself on sunning in the school's breezeway, functioning as official Student Confidant to those waiting there for their next class to begin. When I stopped to get her picture for this article, Ms. Social Butterfly Cat was counseling four students by rubbing up against them, purring, and jumping from lap to lap. This friendly daily routine provides a great start to everyone's day; they all feel loved and appreciated! When Kennedy hears those school bells announcing class changes, etc., she knows that another group of students will be walking by for a chit chat or a head scratch.

Kennedy students participate in a work-study program for the BLM and the Forest Service enabling them to earn money, learn responsibility, and what it's like out there in the working world. But so has Kennedy the cat taught them a thing or two. Any sack lunches that are left out and unattended are "inspected" and/or tested for tuna fish (her favorite). As a result, a new school policy of storing lunches safely out of Kennedy's reach was implemented. No more "free lunch program" for her.

"Kennedy knows that our school cafeteria is off limits to her," says Mike Ingman, "but because she is one of our smartest students, she waits just outside the door for someone to throw her a tidbit or two.

If you know Kennedy's "real" name please notify the school. I'm sure her owner will be tickled to learn that his/her cat is the most paw-pular student at Kennedy High!"


- A baby's first word is often the family pet's name.
- Two reasons NOT to leave your pets in the car: Besides becoming overheated after ten minutes regardless of a cloudy or sunny sky, a bouncing pet can accidentally hit the inside lock button, locking the car. If you happened to leave your keys in the ignition, you'll find yourself laughing right along with the locksmith you'll have to call to unlock your car. 
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