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Ms. Harley's 9 Lives
Ms. Harley and the People she Loves
Ms. Harley, a 2 year old calico kitty
with the people she loves,
Cheryl, John and Naomi 

John and Cheryl's daughter, Naomi, found a female kitten, who was only a few days old, on the front bench of a coffee shop in Forestville, California.
Luckily, Naomi worked at a Forestville veterinary, so with the help of the staff, they nursed the weak kitten, into a strong one.
The kittens name, Ms Harley, is a result of her exceptionally loud PURRRR!
Not long after, Ms Harley came home to live with Naomi and her parents, John and Cheryl.
Soon after, John had heart surgery.
Cheryl says, "Harley spent Johns recovery sleeping on his chest! An instant bonding!"
John never had his own cat before, Harley literally helped heal his heart.
"I was always a dog man, until Ms Harley came into our lives."
"She hopped up on my chest, and her warmth and purr felt so good, I just left her there."
John healed from his surgery, as the kitten was growing into a beautiful cat.
Two months ago, Ms Harley was attacked by a bobcat!
Naomi, spotted the fifty pound Bob cat, in the carport!
She scared it away, and rushed over to Ms Harley.
Naomi took care of her wounds, as the family rushed her to Forest Valley Vet, where Natalie now works.
Thanks to the generous spirit of Dr. Bill Steinkruger, they stabilized Ms Harley, for her life or death trip to the Emergency Hospital in Springfield.
Over the next few weeks, John, Cheryl and Naomi gently nursed Ms Harley back to health.
Today, Ms Harley has regained 80% use of her once paralyzed right side!

Cheryl, "I am an herbalist, so I made up two medicines to assist Harley's recovery."
"Arnica (Arnica montana) tincture for the muscle strain, and milky oat tops tincture (Avena setiva), for her nerve damage. She was totally paralyzed on her right side from her ear, eye, front leg to her back leg."
They thought they might have to remove Ms Harley's right eye, but John was diligent in devoting time medicating her. He helped save her eye.
She needed antibiotics, pain medicines, eye ointment, and Cheryl's two herbal tinctures.
Since the attack, Ms Harley has emerged into a loving, mellow kitty, not the scrappy one she was previously.
John states, "Ms Harley continues making progress, and amazes everyone, who has cared for her these past two months." 

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