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Janell's white Standard Poodle, Kody, arrived with a "What are the chances of that happening?!" coincidence.

Plain Veggies For A Fancy Poodle
"Twenty years ago I birthday-gifted my husband Ben with Cody, a Standard Poodle. Although Ben and Cody were immediately thrilled with each other Ben subsequently mentioned his surprise at receiving a 'fancy' poodle, versus '. . . a more manly dog such as a German Shepherd or a Labrador.'

I loved Cody, too (what a sweetheart!) He enriched our lives for 13 years and we were devastated when he died.

We went in search of our next dog together--another Standard Poodle--because Ben had learned '. . . what a special breed Standard Poodles are so that is the only breed I want; and we must name him Cody!' I agreed with him concerning the breed, but not the name, feeling that it wasn't 'right' to give a new furry family member a deceased pet's name.

We located a breeder an hour's drive from us. Upon our arrival the breeder said, 'I was stunned that the mother dog had only one puppy. I've grown very fond of him and actually considered keeping him, but changed my mind.' Ben asked the breeder if he had named the puppy. He had, but neither of us was prepared for his answer. 'Well', he said, 'it's a funny story. I wear Kodiak socks and every time I sit down the pup comes over to me to tug at my socks until he succeeds in pulling them off my feet. So, I named him Kody after this little 'game' that he plays.'  SOLD!

I soon learned 'why' the breeder changed his mind about relinquishing Kody: Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea after eating. Suspecting his dog food as the cause, I asked our vet about different dog foods, including homemade, then began my own research in earnest (I am not a dietician; people need to research individually regarding their pets).

After viewing a number of TV programs and reading various articles on the dog food industry and pet food ingredients, I concluded that Kody's food was nutritionally deficient.

I also remembered reading a newspaper article twenty years ago stating that the manufacture of dog food began in the 1940's when there was a surplus of wheat unfit for human consumption. Someone decided to add it as a binder to meat renderings, put it into a 'pretty' package, and call it pet food. Why?! Especially since common knowledge dictates that 'wild' dogs do not feast on wheat. And it continues, 70 years later. 

My answer was revealed in a TV program on the pet food industry which stated that dog food is not a REGULATED commodity. So who controls what goes into dog food? The manufacturers of it, that's who, many of whom purchase their product's ingredients from China.  That sealed the deal! I knew that in order to invest in Kody's health, I would have to make his food myself.

I went online and found a basic recipe from Dr. Coran that recommended a mixture of 1/3 protein, 1/3 vegetables, 1/3 carbohydrate.  I came up with the following recipe for Kody:
ground organic turkey, cooked; touch of sea salt; quinoa, cooked; and vegetables, (brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, beans; all purchased frozen and thawed before use). Kody's digestive problems were resolved after only a few days on this diet.

I also give Kody yogurt, canned salmon and eggs a few times a week. To supplement his diet, he receives a multivitamin and Forti Flora.  Proper nutrition and teeth-brushing greatly enhance the quality and quantity of a pet's life.

Kody is a born 'lover'; everyone who meets him loves him, and he them, in return. At age seven, he is as handsome as ever and has a new favorite 'game': He loves to back up against and lean on one's leg(s) while sitting on one's feet. Anyone and everyone is 'required' to play this game, be it a stranger, invited house guest, or the mailman. Kody is the perfect companion and a definite asset to our family! Long live Kody!"


Dogs love to chew so we need to make sure that they are chewing on the "proper" items like chewable toys made especially for dogs, versus your old shoes, etc. Exercise your dog as much as possible to relieve "boredom chewing". Dogs are meant to move, so they crave exercise. A good walk with your pet lifts your spirits and theirs and intensifies bonding. Life is a JOY when you have a (furry) friend to explore the world with.

What are the symptoms of a pet's wheat allergy?
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