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"Must Love Cats" Loves Swimming Cats

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John Fulton, host of "Must Love Cats" is having a serious conversation with internationally famous swimming cat, Nymbus, about water safety at the Centenial Covered Bridge in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Statistically, one in 1,000 cats drown every year, so teaching yours how to swim makes purr-fect sense. Mary Ellen and her swimming cats and beautiful Cottage Grove are featured on Animal Planet's "Must Love Cats".
Nymbus was also on ANDERSON Cooper's daytime talk show!


MEWS FLASH!  Cottage Grove, Oregon, including it's scenery, painted murals, people, covered bridges and "Pet Tips 'n' Tales" columnist Mary Ellen Angel Scribe's cats, will be featured on Animal Planet's "Must Love Cats", in a few weeks. This will be the sixth national and second international, TV appearance for Mary Ellen and her cats who feel very honored to have been chosen for the show among the kit-zillions cats from around the world.

When people learn that my cats are on TV they assume that we must be RICH from all our purr-formances.  All our TV/Radio appearances are volunteer acts of kindness for the joy of teaching about the value of pets.

Cottage Grove's famous swimming cats are featured in the first segment of the second season of "Must Love Cats" to demonstrate an important aspect of pet safety. As stated above, one in 1000 cats drown each year in the USA, thus prompting "Must Love Cats" to highlight Mary Ellen's foresight in teaching her cats to swim in the family's swimming pool, and also because Cottage Grove is surrounded by lakes, rivers, and streams. 

The crew, led by their director, began filming "on the street" interviews at Fleur De Lis Patisserie & Café at 9 AM on a Sunday morning and finally wrapped up pool side at 7 PM.  The owners, pet lovers Maureen and Eric, graciously opened their café to accommodate everyone featured in the show's opening song.

Each "Must Love Cats" show contains six to eight three- to eight-minute segments.  For every hour filmed, roughly 59 minutes of each hour of taping ends up on the cutting room floor.
It was a long day for MEW-vie star, Nymbus, who purr-formed a kitty triathalon by swimming; riding in a bicycle basket; walking on a leash; and, finally, riding in style as a celebra-cat in the pet stroller. This cat needs an agent!
Last summer, Cottage Grove's weather was unusually cold and cloudy;  consequently, so was the water in our swimming pool. Then, a week before the "Must Love Cats" film crew arrived, the sun came out and warmed the pool's water. On filming day, the weather and water were purr-fect, a true weather miracle as the very next day, the weather and water cooled down so much that not even a water-loving dog would have jumped into that pool!
The film crew was paw-some and I felt very honored when they referred to me as "The Cat Whisperer." They declared that less than 4% of cats can do what Nymbus does and they observed him doing something that they had never seen a cat do before! Luckily, they caught it all on film! The crew also were star struck over Cottage Grove's beautiful scenery.
The crew spends three months filming, and two months editing. So, meanwhile, we'll sit "on pins and needles" waiting to see if  Mayor Williams experiences "15 seconds of fame" with the line, "It rains cats and dogs here in Oregon!" and "Must Love Cats" host, humorist, and musician John Fulton's mock gasping response of, "I can't believe you said the word 'dogs' on a cat show!"
Also, Nymbus had his first paparazzi experience--a mama-razzi experience, actually--when two women tourists stopped to photograph him! Nymbus was so focused on his performance that he allowed them to do so but was too busy to give his paw-toe-graph.
Everyone should have a TV crew come to their home as you're "forced" to clean, wipe, sweep, wash, paint and tidy every corner of your house, yard, garden, lawn, pool and roof the same as preparing for a Presidential visit. Similar to a dental hygienist cleaning teeth, there I was up on the roof, for two days, removing the moss-plaque from each shingle with a paint can opener.  
During this time, too, we were kitty-sitting our daughter's kitten. When the kitten had an "accident" I jumped out of bed too fast, leaving my "blood pressure" on the pillow, and passed out in the hallway, hitting my forehead on a closet door, then falling backwards onto the hallway's tile floor, knocking myself out cold, sustaining a concussion and whiplash. Better, though, than ending up with two black eyes for this International TV debut! (Both I and the kitten took the homeopathic remedy arnica and made trips to our respective chiropractors and an acupuncturist to get us back up on our combined six paws.)  You might say that I was so tired from preparing for the show that I knocked myself out!

A mishap also occurred during a previous TV crew preparational cleaning frenzy while dusting everything in the house, plus the telephone, I accidentally "dialed" 911. The dispatcher phoned me back and laughed after I described the crazed cleaning scene.

Waiting nervously in the wings of the "Green Room" (our living room) to be filmed experiencing their first "kitty paddling" class were acupuncturist Dr. Darby Valley with his cat, George, along with Ariel and Yossa with their kitten, Mambo. As all celebracats deserve an entourage, Nazarene pastor Cindy Slaymaker and her granddaughter, Shaina, were on hand to bathe the cats following their swimming class.

"Must Love Cats" is filled with adorable cat moments, humor, fun surprises and breathtaking scenery. John Fulton wrote, then sang, a song to Nymbus, similar to "The Never Ending Song" for children that continually "repeats and repeats" in your head. So, consider yourselves forewarned! Even the "poor" TV crew was humming the tune as they left Cottage Grove, heading east, to Japan, and west, to England for more episode-filming.   

"Must Love Cats"  provides Cottage Grove, its citizens and a few of it's cats, a chance to shine. Featured cats and their families receive no payment for appearing on the TV show, everyone volunteered their time for the opportunity to teach pet safety tips. 


Can't get enough of the swimming cats? Watch TV Stations that promoted them.


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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
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