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Fidos - Felines - Family Names!

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Persistent mewing emanated from behind Yossa's garbage can.  He walked over and leaned on the retaining wall for further inspection. As if on cue, a starved kitten emerged. It walked up Yossa's arm like a gangplank-like, then onto his shoulders, and wrapped around his neck.  All the while, the kitten's long striped tail was swishing across Yossa's face like a windshield wiper. Smiling, Yossa looked up to the sky and beseechlingy said, "No. No-no-no-no-no!!! How do they always find me!?"  He already knew he was hooked, heart, line, and sinker to the nameless, purring kitten.

What is the first thing you ask the parents of a newborn or a pet parent?  "What is her/his name?" Their name shows honor and respect for the special being that they are and for their place in your home.  A name officially welcomes them into the family. Names take thought and consideration.

When a stray kitten arrived at Yossa's home, its name developed slowly.  The kitten was discovered by a bright blue Sani-Pack garbage can.  He was christened with the name Sani.

Once in the house, observing how the starved kitten consumed food, his name evolved into Pack-man.

Then the next day, Yossa realized he had another pet mouth to feed! Yes! He had another "Bill" on his hands to budget for, including a neutering bill!  From Bill, his nickname became Billy the KID....errr Billy the KIT-ten!  

When Yossa realized his dog, Lilly, was confused when Billy was called, the kitten's name then became Prince William.  After all, it made purrfect sense:  Bill is the nickname of William, and this cat is ruling the house, and Prince William of England marries tin April!  Prince William recently lost his "family jewels" (neutered) and Yossa is in the process of building an outside cat-castle enclosure befitting of Prince's stature and name.

This is the season for adopting new furry family members.  Following are wonderful names and how families chose them:

- Agnes' coat looks like a bowl full of beautiful agates.
- Angel 's arrival was heavensent.
- Apollo, Jupiter, and Zeus, were named from mythology.
- Ashley was gray and lives on Ashland Avenue.
- Batman's "kids" love everything Batman and he constantly watches and protects them.
- Bailey is soft, white, and reminiscent of the Irish liqueur (creamy and smooth.)
- Bear resembles a bear cub.
- Bentley is an upscale and classy dog.
- Buddy, because he is one!
- Casper is white and was born on Halloween.
- Chip and Ruffles, both named after snacks.  Ruffles had fur-ridges down her back.
- Cinnamon, Ginger, Marmalade, and Pumpkin have beautiful orange coats.
- Connor's orange coat and green eyes resulted in his Irish name.
- Cooper's adopting mother admires TV commentator Anderson Cooper.
- Cuddles and Snuggles do!
- Dancer ran to the TV, when the ballet Swan Lake was on, and she kept tapping the screen with her paw.
- Digit has extra toes on his paws.
- Dolly-Lama is a Himalayan cat.
- Dotty is covered in dots, and it was also Grandma's name!
- Ebony's coat is a solid black and her sister, Ivory, has a pure white coat.
- Eleanor ran to her owner every time she sang the song "Eleanor" by the Turtles.
- Evenrude after an outboard motor - you can hear him purring across the room!
- Fennec has large ears like a Fennec fox.
- Fixture, is a permanent fixture.  He arrived and never left.
- Frisbee was born the year the Frisbee was invented, and flew around the house like a frisbee.
- Frosty, Snowy, and Snowball are white.
- Fuzzers is super fuzzy.
- Gayla: her family attended a swimming gala the day she was adopted.
- George's and Bailey's family love the Christmas movie It's a Wonderful Life.
- Ginger Snaps, made a snapping turtle-like noise when closing her mouth.
- Gizmo: His owner never remembered the names of objects and was always asking,"Where's the gizmo?"
- Gizmo mirrored the gremlins from the movie The Gremlins: Cute, clever, mischievous; intelligent; and dangerous.
- Groben's human mother thinks Josh Groben is the cat's meow.
- Honey and Sugar, in honor of their colors and sweet personalities.
- Ivy is clingy and loves sitting in laps
- Jade has green eyes.
- Jewel is the gem of her parents' eyes.
- Jet is jet black and flies when he runs.
- Julio's namesake is Julio Iglesias.  All the females in his family love the singer and their pet
- Jumping Jack is always jumping.
- Lucy, Charlie Brown, Schroeder = Peanuts comic strip characters.
- Magic, Mystery, and Boo live with psychic-mediums. Boo's full name is Peek A. Boo.
- McKinley was named after the highest mountain peak in North America, Mount McKinley.
- Melody constantly meows and purrs.
- Merlin: adopted from a shop called Merlin's Mercantile, he worked his magic on his adopter.
- Midnight's and Luna's fur are as black as the night.
- Mischief and Mayhem. Their names say it all!
- Miss Wings, featured at the top of each Tips 'n' Tales, earned her wings by flying across the USA from her birthplace in Boston to her home in Oregon. Miss Wings is also Angel Monica's nickname in Touched By An Angel.
- Mitsu is gray and named after a gray Mitsubishi.
- Mr. Purrfect:  Every woman should have a perfect man in her life.
- Purrl is as pretty as a pearl.
- Myster E.'s name is a mystery!
- Nymbus is white and fluffy like a cloud.
- O.J.'s fur is the color of orange juice.
- Oreo is black and white like the cookie.
- Penny's and Rusty's fur are a beautiful reddish fox-colored shade.
- Pet-Lee is the famiLee pet.
- Phideaux (Fido the cat) and Katt (Cat the dog).
- Piccaso, Patches, Collage, Marble, and Puzzle all have patches of multicolored fur.
- Ping's and Pong's family love the game.
- Pollyanna was found abandoned.  The orphan was named after the movie Pollyanna.
- Pollyantha was named after her owner's Aunt Antha, her owner's nickname, Polly, and her owner's mother's name, Rose.  A beautiful old-fashioned rose is a Pollyantha.
- Poofette, a puffy Persian with a French twist to her name.
- Precious was!
- Purlin-Merlin purred deeply and happily.
- Rag-a-Muffin was found abandoned, dirty, and disheveled
- Ramsey, after the Egyptian Pharaoh because he sits with both paws out like a furry sphinx.
- Roswell, resembles an alien.
- Royal leads the way with Duke, Princess, Prince, King, and Queenie following.
- Sailor's owners have a sail boat and the dog loves sailing.
- Sandy loves the beach and has a sandy-colored coat.
- Sara's name is short for the Angelic Seraphims.
- Schmitten the kitten, because everyone was smitten with her.
- Shadow and Smoky are both gray.
- Shaman, Sage, and Spirit own their spiritual teacher.
- Sharpie has sharp claws. He is the mascot cat at a stationery store and named after a brand of pens.
- Shasta, a Californian rescue dog, is named in honor of Mount Shasta.
- Skeezix was what his owner's deceased father lovingly called his grandchildren.
- Skittles was skittery, and her owners love the candies!
- Squeaky's voice is!
- Stanza was born on Mozart's birthday and named after his wife, Constanza.
- Trouble, is active and his family says, "Here comes Trouble!"
- Whyspurr rarely speaks.
- Woodstock, the parakeet, was named after the Peanuts comic strip character.


Just like you and your children, pets deserve a good name. Choose wisely, as names last a life time!   
Submit your pets' names for a future Tips 'n Tales.
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