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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings

Chihuahua Wedding!

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
A Chihuahua wedding! Sisters Evelyn and Dee.
Evelyn is holding the blushing bride, Sugar, and
Dee is dressing the handsome groom, Skeeter.


Evelyn smiling says, "Sugar was given to me as a birthday gift, and we have never been separated.  She is as sweet as sugar and my everything!"

This summer, Evelyn and Sugar both moved into Middlefield Oaks pet friendly Senior Living Community. "I was hesitant to move, thinking this was a nursing home.  But it isn't.  Everyone has their our private apartments and I am surrounded by my favorite things. I love it here, it feels like home with family.

Sugar's sweet personality helped introduce us to everyone. The residents and staff are wonderful, they love Sugar, she smiles and they smile back. I feel comfortable, we have met many new friends and when I do not feel well, the staff brings in my meals."

Now, every dog loves a car ride, and Sugar is no exception. She thinks that Evelyn's electric chair is her own private vehicle!  She is as cute as can be sitting up on the arm rest, snuggled in beside Evelyn, greeting everyone.  You can see it in her sparkling eyes, she is in doggy heaven!

Our hearts remain forever young.  What made us smile in our youth, often does years later.  Imagine two little sisters playing dress up with their dogs, and a tea party.  Now imagine, 60 years pass and one of them, Dee, gets the fun idea to marry their two 3 year old dogs to each other.  The planning, the is all the same!  Dee and Evelyn planned to mate the dogs, and they wanted the union 'legal.'

So with that in mind, Dee arranged a wedding to make things official.

Dee, has retired and moved to La Pine, Oregon.  So, for a year, she and Skeeter occasionally drove the two hours to Cottage Grove to court his intended Sugar.

Dee is an avid doll collector who taught doll making classes in Cottage Grove for eight years.
She creates expensive dolls and designs and sews their clothes.  In her large collection she had beautiful wedding attire.  Dee removed a veil and top hat from two of her dolls. And with seven of Dee's and Evelyn's relatives present, they dressed the dogs.

The clothes fit the happy couple as if they had originally been created for them. The small group of invited guests were all smiling.  During the wedding vows, when asked, no one objected to the 'marriage.'  A few "I do's" were barked, and the dogs were pronounced husband and wife.  Their kiss was a gentle nuzzling of noses.

Wedding photographs of the newly weds followed, for the out of town relatives who could not attend, creating fun memories for everyone...from this day forward....happily ever after.

On a side note, when the wedding bouquet (ball-quet) was thrown, both dogs chased after it!



Spaying and neutering pets dramatically decreases their chances of cancer! Altering pets gives them a safer and healthier life, and you fewer veterinary medical bills.  Statistics reveal that unaltered pets have a higher risk of cancer due to their hormones building and stagnating in their bodies.

Dr. Lisa Picconi DVM confirms "The first heat cycle in females increases their chance of mammary gland cancer by more than 50%. Unneutered males are more likely to have prostate problems including cancer than neutered males."

The results are in; it is cost effective to neuter/spay your pet now, save the worry and cost of future cancer care medical bills.

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