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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen
Tips 'n' Tales Newspaper Columnist with Miss Wings
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Pit Bulls & Barney-Roo

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Stacie and Mark are thrilled that their pets found them!
Missy-Roo, an 8-year-old Calico, and Barney-Roo,a 6-year-old
Jack Russell-Dachshund creation, both ran into their lives.


Sadly, yet also happily, Stacie and Mark did not have to go and look for a pet. Both, their cat and dog found them. Sadly, because once again, it demonstrates that homeless pets are desperately seeking shelter and food.  And happily because of the love and humor that these two animals have brought into Stacie and Mark's home.

First to arrive, seven years ago, was Missy. "She mysteriously arrived on our front porch and never left!" explains Stacie.

"Missy is highly intelligent and has a large vocabulary.  When we let her outside, we say 'stay in the yard' and she does. When we leave for town, we tell her to 'go back to the house,' and she does! She also comes when called." In case Missy should be chased by a stray dog and become lost, she wears a collar with her family's identification.

"Missy has the funniest habit of waking us up," laughs Stacie, "to tattle on our dog.  After we are all in bed, if he jumps off the bed and goes into the living room, she wakes us up to tell my husband and me, 'it is time for the dog to come back to bed.'"

Stacie and Mark discovered their dog, running down a Cottage Grove Lake logging road.  He was tired, dirty and hungry.  They both fell in love with him. Luckily, no one responded to their many signs- at the ASPCA "lost and found" department, local stores, radio station and Veterinarian clinics. Before they settled on a name for their little vagabond, he jumped so high, reminding them of a Kangaroo.  Thus the name Barney-Roo.  This scenario also affected poor Missy. Her new name lovingly became Missy-Roo.

Barney-Roo loves his family walks. And an early morning country walk sounds lovely, but it has its dangers. Two walks have been cut dangerously short by first a Pit Bull attack, then later a Bull Mastiff confrontation.  Barney-Roo was on his leash at the time of the first attack, and Stacie believes, "his harness, agility and squirmy-ness saved him. The Pit Bull could not grab on to Barney-Roo. It was mayhem. The dog was lunging at Barney-Roo, and I was screaming at the Pit Bull.  Luckily, the owner of the Pit Bull heard the commotion before it bit me or Barney-Roo."

The next attack, six months later, involved a Bull Mastiff, who was behind an electric fence.  The morning of the attack, its guardians forgot to activate the fence. So the Mastiff jumped the fence to 'play' with Barney-Roo.  Barney-Roo, a tad touchy from his earlier attack, thought this was another one.

"I saw what was about to happen, and quickly lifted Barney-Roo over my head to prevent a dog fight." recalls Stacie. "And the Mastiff jumped up, and bit into Barney-Roo's buttocks to pull him down.  I yelled at the dog to go home, and amazingly he did!  Then I rushed Barney to the vet for surgery.  I ended up with a black eye from the incident."

Pets add to our everlasting family memories.  Last Christmas, Stacie dressed Barney-Roo up in a doggy Tuxedo for her parents 50th wedding anniversary party.  Photos where taken of him with his human grandparents. The cat did not feel left out or have her feelings hurt.  Missy-Roo was happy  that she did not have to put on a silly frilly dress and participate!


Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Miss Wings.
Thank you to everyone who prayed for the healing of her eyes.
Last month she had a 3/4 inch scratch across her cornea.
As you can see she healed beautifully from it, and the
constant watering eyes.
Many cat and dog guardians experience the frustration of their pets' eyes watering.

The eye liquid mysteriously turns a red/brown, discoloring their fur, and then forms into a crust.  This is especially noticeable on white animals.  Sometimes the condition is contagious, so be extra careful when entering a home where pets have watering eyes. 

Newspaper columnist Mary Ellen's famous swimming cat Miss Wings' eyes were clear, large and beautiful until she visited a cattery.  All 40 cats in the home had watering eyes.  Three days later Miss Wings eyes began to water, and continued for the next five years.  She became sensitive to light, and her eyes had the "I have a headache" look, because her conjunctivas were a vivid red and swollen.

Frustrated after years of trying everything recommended by two skilled Veterinarians, Mary Ellen learned about the homeopathic remedy Euphrasia Officinalis (Eye Bright).  She bought it at a health store, also discovered it at a grocery story and gave Miss Wings one of the little remedies, each day for a week, and the results were miraculous. 
Miss Wings' eyes are once again bright, beautiful and have stopped watering. (Disclaimer: Angel Scribe is not a Veterinarian, and not prescribing here.  Research this information for yourself and contact and consult your Veterinarian.)
Pet Training Tip
Watch/record "The Dog Whisperer" with Cesar Milan on the National Geographic TV channel.  and Victoria Stillwell's "It's Me or The Dog" on the Animal Planet channel.
Both TV hosts authored excellent pet training books that make positive gifts for pet parents. The books tell us that when we change our behavior, our pets change for the better too.
Mary Ellen has a feature article in the
Spring 2009
Feline Wellness Magazine.
"Walk on the Wild Side" is on page 16 of this informative
pet magazine and photos of her cats are on page 18 in
their safe and comfortable outside cat enclosure.
FDA Report: report all adverse reactions related to your pet's food.  
(425) 483-4949
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