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Everyone Loves Emma
Emma at the Family Relief Nursery
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
When the children heard, that Emma was going to be famous,
and featured in the local newspaper, The Sentinel,
a few dressed in their doggy costumes to honor Emma!
Teachers and students at the Family Relief Nursery
with Emma, a four year old Golden Retriever.

Family Relief Nursery
Strikes "Gold-en"
Emma, a beautiful blond, Golden Retriever, at the Family Relief Nursery is an extraordinary part of their staff.
If she could talk, she'd say how embarrassed she is to hear people think she is "extraordinary," but she is!
When Emma was two years old, her life took a drastic turn. Her guardian, loved her, but could no longer care for her, and made the best decision by gifting her to Natalie.
Emma arrived, at Natalie's home, covered in mud. Her ears had giant scabs, and her eyes were completely swollen shut, from an infection that needed treatment.
In her brief two years on earth, Emma had given birth to, and raised 33 puppies! She was thin, and exhausted. She and her double digit puppies, could be Poster Dogs for a neutering and spaying campaign!
Her new guardian, Natalie said, "We were her third family, and the first to give her "family" status inside a home. After a bath, a veterinarian visit for medications, and a much needed spay, a diet change, and a lot of TLC she perked up.
We soon saw the true Emma behind her beautiful golden-faced grin."
Natalie always dreamt of having a therapy dog, as a partner in teaching, so she contacted F.E.T.C.H. (Friends Eager to Come Help), a local chapter of TDI (Therapy Dogs Incorporated) and began Emma's testing/registrations process.
Emma passed her tests with flying colors, and is now a registered therapy dog. She began her first job, in June 2006, with the support of the board, staff and families.
Emma was hired as a staff member, at the Family Relief Nursery. Pay is hugs and kisses, and Emma often feels she is over paid!
Emma relates well to children. She has a keen sense, an amazing wisdom, that is awe inspiring to watch. Emma draws near anyone who may need uplifting, and comforts them. She takes her job seriously and excels at it!
Emma seeks out crying children, lays down next to them; puts her head in their laps, and allows them to melt into her.
Her loving approach is a great assistance to the teachers, when, on occasion, a child refuses their comfort, the child will embrace Emma's.
Natalie states, "Emma's persistent nudge says, "You're not finished petting me!" and she brings laughter and smiles. Whether this is due to her own background of neglect, her understanding the feelings of uncertainty and separation anxiety, or her God-given sweet temperament and personality; we may never know.
What we do know, however, is how her gentle touch, and contagious grin, bring smiles and giggles to child and adult alike."
"Emma is often seen, smiling and greeting Nursery children as they walk into class, taking a walk through the play yard, with a child or two in tow, or quietly lounging under the play structure, with several children tucked in around her.
She is a blessing to our children and families as well as to our staff."
The Family Relief Nursery's mission is to support young children and their families. Emma has taken their mission to her loving heart.
If you are interested in meeting Emma, call 942-4835 and learn more about the Relief Nursery's influence in our community.

Natalie says, "The best health tip for Emma is her work, it feeds her soul. She loves coming to work.
During the recent vacation and snow days, Emma, seemed sad to miss work, as she feels responsible for her charges, her "children."
Animals thrive on love. You can't love your pet enough, just like your children."
Information on F.E.T.C.H. (Friends Eager to Come Help) FETCH dogs and their trainers visit care centers, hospital, juvenile detention centers, schools, etc.

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