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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen
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Homeless man in Santa Barbara and his pets
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Bear on Wheels!

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Mary Ann and Mike with their much loved Bearenstein,
a twelve year old Chow-Shepherd mix.

Mary Ann and Mike have big hearts when it comes to loving dogs.  Mike is a dog trainer and dogs are part of their daily life.

Twelve years ago, Mary Ann heard something in the cow pasture across the street, the yapping of a starving puppy.  A cruel person had obviously dropped it off.  It was a miracle that she was home and not on vacation!

In the tall pasture grass, she could not locate the puppy.  In frustration she finally called out loud, "Puppy where are you?"  And Bearenstein walked directly to her.

They named him Bearenstein, after the children's story book of bears, and nicknamed him Bear.

Mary Ann fed Bear, and he promptly passed out exhausted. She felt he was going to be her dog, but when Mike came home, Bear and Mike bonded like super glue.

Now that Bear is 12 years old, his arthritic condition, Spinal Stenosis, has closed in over his spinal column causing paralysis.

They took Bear to the veterinarian who had inherited a wheel-cart from another dog. He offered it to Bear, changing his life.  Most people euthanize their pets when they are crippled, but Mike says, "Patience is the best tip for wheel chair adjustment.  Bear picked up on it immediately and as soon as he was nestled in the cart, he was off and running.  This cart has given our family extra time to love and be with Bear.  He is like our child, and we are willing to invest the extra care for him.

Bear is incontinent, so we put incontinent pads from nursing homes on his favorite places to lie. There is extra work caring for a dog in Bear's condition, but when he looks up at us, we are willing to go that extra mile."

On another note, when Bear was 4 months old, and weighing in at under 15 pounds, Mike let him out into the back yard.

An apple tree in their yard, 100 feet from the front of the home, was full of fall apples ready for harvesting.

Mike explains what happened next, "I heard a noise by the apple tree and shined my flashlight in its direction, thinking some deer were probably eating apples.  Wrong!  Two red eyes flashed back at me from up in the tree.  Bear's natural instincts took over, with his little excited squeaky bark, he ran directly over to the apple tree.

Next, there was a huge crashing noise, and a full-grown bear dropped out of the tree and ran across our yard at full tilt, with Bear, our tiny ball of fuzz, in pursuit.

The bear ran to the edge of the yard, attempted to go through the board fence and promptly got stuck in the fence.  What a commotion! Bear was yapping at the bear, and I was yelling at Bear.  The bear let out a roar, followed by another loud crash.  Bear darted back to me, ran between my legs, and dove under our house.

I went to investigate the crashing sound and discovered that the bear took out 70 feet of board fence as he 'left' our yard!  You never know what to expect when you have pets, and this was not on my list of expectations!"

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Mary Ann and Mike are both holding Bear's cart for a good reason--
to hold him still! When in the cart, Bear is forever on the move enjoying life.

Mike's life saving-safety tip, "It is salmon season.  Currently, all of the salmonids (trout, salmon, and steelhead) in Oregon's coastal streams are infected with Nanophyetus Salmincola.  This is the causative agent in salmon that causes poisoning in canines.
Do not allow your dogs to lick or consume raw or undercooked (smoked) fish. We have had three of our dogs get into some and nearly die. Never bury fish guts, from fish you catch, in your back yard.  Other dogs can dig it up and die before their guardians even know what happened."

Wheel chair support; for elderly, disabled, and handicapped pets.
Videos of pets with the freedom to walk again


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