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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen
Tips 'n' Tales Newspaper Columnist
with Miss Wings
Dog Steals Bed Covers...and Bed
Cat Sees Ghosts!
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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Cynthia is holding Cherokee, Cheyenne with Lady,
their bazaar 9 year old Black-Lab/Blue Heeler mix dog.
Missing from the photo is phantom Babygirl who sees ghosts!


You never know what you will discover walking around our beautiful town.  I recently witnessed 'an escape' and in the process met Cynthia. 

Upon recognizing me, Cynthia volunteered to send in details of her pets and the escape plot.
"Our animals are part of our family, consisting of our daughter, Cheyenne, and three pet-children.   All of them are equally spoiled, loved, and come with their special individual quirks!

Today, once again, I discovered, that our 9 year old Black-Lab/Blue Heeler mix dog, Lady, definitely has a mind of her own.

While leaving the house, Lady snuck out behind me, and was discovered waiting by the truck...without being noticed....almost.

Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" was walking by and saw the escape! She smiled and asked us to be featured in Tips 'n' Tales.  Possibly Lady spotted Mary Ellen through the living room window, and felt encouraged to escape wanting her 1 week of Sentinel fame!  Probably not.  It was more likely Lady's addiction to car rides that caused her to hatch her cunning escape plan.

Lady loves car rides and lives for them.  She sits quietly in the front seat, watching the scenery whiz by.  Today, she obviously had full intentions of inviting herself along on my trip to town.

In the future, Lady's sneaky escape trick is going to be closely monitored for her safety!

Lady, also thinks she's human! We often find her cuddled up in our beds...under the blankets.  There she lies, peacefully sleeping with her head on our pillows!  It is cute, but frustrating as the beds are usually made prior to her nap!  Lady some how manages to unmake the beds before catching a few zzzzs. Once, Cheyenne was in trouble for not making her bed, and she had, but Lady had unmade it!

Cherokee's claim to fame is that she makes a great automatic-purr-blanket-heater.  One size fits all, and it is more fun and effective than an electric blanket!

Some times we think our home is inhabited with passed over dog spirits who like to tease cats!

Occasionally, Babygirl, our second cat, sees something no one else in the family does. For no apparent reason, (at least to us) she starts growling and racing from my bedroom window to the bathtub. Back and forth, back and forth.   It would be really funny, except she pounces on Cherokee and me in the process!  I hope our pet's story have you smiling...just like having pets as part of our family does for us."



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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming

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