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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings
Author & Columnist
Honey and Dozer
  Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Honey, with Dozer,
a male four year old Mini-Pincher/Chihuahua mix.

Dozer's life began in San Antonio, Texas, where he first lived with Honey's grandson.
The grandson, moved into an apartment, and Dozer moved in with Honey.

Her grandson, a Matrix movie fan, named Dozer after a character in the movie.

Honey says, "Dozer is a big city transplant, to rural Cottage Grove.
He appears to have identity problems.
He was raised with cats, and now sits on the window sill, for hours, watching the neighborhood's cats.

When he saw a deer, he leaped across the driveway, like the deer.
When he saw his first rabbit, he hopped across the field, like the rabbit.

Dozer is a love bug, and can't understand why other animals don't love him, like he does them."

Dozer's little tail goes ball-istic, when he gets excited.
He wiggles from the tip of his tail, to his ears, when he greets everyone.
And car rides are his passion!
It was his dream drive, going from Texas to Cottage Grove.
Some dogs can't get enough car rides, and Dozer leads the pack!

Mary Anne, a TIPS 'n' TALES reader in Texas suggests, "Feinster, my 16 year old, male Siamese Seal Point cat, became constipated.
My vet suggested mixing plain canned pumpkin, into his dry food.
He said, it is, "An excellent source of fiber and nutrition."
I was skeptical, but to my amazement, Feinster gobbled it up.
He now loves pumpkin, and has no more tummy troubles."

Randy, in California, another TIPS 'n' TALES reader, suggests Pill Pockets.
Randy says, "Pill Pockets are the best invention, in the world, for giving pills to cats. Some feral cats adopted us, and I dewormed the cats, using Pill Pockets.
They made it a breeze! You slip a pill into a little chewable pocket, and the cats chew it up.
No fuss, no mess, and no putting the cat in one of those kitty burrito blankets. I had to give my inside cats antibiotics for a month, and the pill pockets made it easy.
We buy the Pill Pockets at pet food stores."

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