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Jeff and Foxy
  Jeff's morning walk with Foxy,
a 12 year old, 8 pound Pomeranian

Foxy is a rare specialty lap dog, because she specializes in sitting in any lap that is available.

When walking, Foxy barks at cats, but nervously goes silent when face to face with the felines who are as big or bigger than she is.

One of Foxy's back legs is lame, so she can't walk long distances. Jeff recently devised a kangaroo puppy-pack from a child's backpack.
Now when Foxy gets tired, Jeff lifts her into the puppy-pack and he finishes the walk for her.

Foxy carries on like a normal dog from her secure kangaroo type pouch, she loves barking at anything she feels deserves it!

Foxy is renown in her family as the "great fly hunter." She drives everyone nuts as she runs in circles barking, jumping from furniture to furniture, until she has killed the offending pest.
Jeff's wife, Karen says, "We encourage the occasional fly into our home, to give Foxy exercise and entertainment."

Foxy's favorite outfit is her Strawberry Shortcake jean skirt, she thinks she looks special in it. And everyone who sees her in it agrees, she looks like the "cats meow."


Karen Roeder, "Now that Foxy is older, we do not feed her any junky food, and we make a point not to over feed her.
Foxy can't gain additional weight, as it would be more pressure on her back leg.
Even though she is handicapped, just like people, it is important to make sure she still gets exercise.
We also have Foxy lined up for her doggy-chiropractic appointment."

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Dog Saved!
Rescuers Rappel Cliff and Retrieve Injured Dog
Coos Bay, Oregon
It was the one place they hadn't looked for Sophie.
But it hardly seemed a possibility until Barbara and Ted Scheirman peered over the lip of the cliff to spot the golden red coat of their dog nearly 100 feet beneath them.
There was Sophie, sitting at the bottom of the cliff and she was alive.
It was amazing," Ted Scheirman said, recalling how he and his wife discovered the 4-year-old golden retriever after her fall near the steep ocean cliffs.
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