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Lucky Star Fire
Lucy Star Fire Cat
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Rob Thomas, and Lucky Star, a three year old,
Ragdoll cat, welcoming customers to Starfire Lumber

Rob Thomas says, "Lucky Star," nick-named Lucky, was one of three kittens discovered in Starfire's log decks, offspring of feral cats.

The veterinarian, down the street from our mill, agreed to capture and spay the "mom."  While our job, was to find homes, for the kittens.

Through powerful female persuasion, Starfire management agreed to take one of the kittens, and found homes for the others.

But, as with most feral kittens, respiratory, sinus disease and other disorders prevailed.

The kittens battled for life, for several months. 
Lucky survived, while his siblings died.

Lucky invites himself to our office, and client meetings. He plants himself on the table or desk, directly between the attendees. 

Although he is as independent, as a cat can be, he is also endearing, loving, and obviously insists on being the center of attention. 

Because of the logging trucks in the yard, Lucky is an indoor cat, and lives safely in the office. He made it clear to the staff, that this is HIS home, and we are simply visitors. 

We fenced in an area outside for him; for fresh air and sunshine. 

Last year, one of our employees decided Lucky needed more exercise.

So, she put a harness on him, attached the leash and waited for him to resist, or somehow react, to the new restraint and leash combination. 

True to his nature, Lucky would not let anyone "force" him to exercise; he simply staged a "lie in" at her feet.

He lay down, refusing to budge, like an inert big-blue-eyed, furry bowling ball!

The event's slow moving video, shows her slowly, gently, pulling the leash, expecting Lucky to get up, or resist. 

Instead, he simply throws his head back, and enjoys the ride. 

She drags him for nearly ten feet before the video ends. 

The leash and harness have never been used since.

He won:  Game, set, match."
View Funny Lucky Video; 
Starfire log stack
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Lucky's Birth place amongst Douglas Fir logs.
This one section of 800 stacked logs is,
behind an 8 ft. fence.
20' high X 40' wide,
535,000 board feet of lumber

Indoor cats benefit from outside caged areas for fresh air, and the ability to chew on fresh grass, which aids their digestive tracks. 
Chinese Herbalist Robert Neumann BCH says, "Cats eat grass because they are to warm on the inside. Think of grass as a green vegetable which according to Chinese food cure systems would be classified as cooling. This relieves intestinal dryness/heat as well as lung heat/skin." 
Persians require daily brushing. 
A Furminator brush helps eliminate 60-80% of shedding of pets. 
People with Persians know the truth, prepare to have your home and clothes covered in cat hair!
Pat, a TIPS  'n' TALES reader, in Chehalis, Washington writes, "My long haired pets don't shed.  They inject their fur into everything, that they get near!  Especially if the object is black, and they are not!"

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