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Thanks to Nicole, garage sale dog Chloe ends up in the "lap" of luxury.
A Dog-Gone Good Bargain!
Fourteen-year-old Nicole is very proud of Chloe, her three-year-old, 50-pound, German Shepherd-Bloodhound mix garage sale bargain.

"Chloe was included among the items offered at a garage sale I attended with my mother because her people could no longer care for her," said Chloe. "I knelt down beside her; she was so quiet and loveable even though she didn't know me.

I 'introduced' her to my mother and asked if we could take her home. Like me, my mother immediately fell in love with Chloe so she phoned my father to see if we could 'adopt' her. Dad said, 'No', which left me devastated and crying because in my heart I just 'knew' that Chloe was 'my' dog.

I continued crying in my bedroom after we arrived home. I just could not get Chloe's face out of my head. Then, I overheard my mother talking to my father on the phone. A few minutes after she hung up, he called back to say that we could get her. I was so happy!

I rushed my mother, my twin sister Tiffany, and my baby brother RJ, out to the car and we drove right back to the garage sale. Thankfully, Chloe was still there! I could tell by the look on her face and her 'happy' body language that she already loved us as much as we all loved her, and still do, including my other brother, Austin. At first, Chloe slept curled up in a ball on my bed with me. But as she grew, she stretched out her legs leaving no room on my bed for me so I bought a doggie bed to place on the floor next to my bed for her to sleep in.

Right from the beginning, Chloe demonstrated that she is a natural comedienne and very intelligent! She thinks up her own games and her favorite toy is her ball! One game involves her rolling over onto her back, grabbing the tennis ball between her paws, dropping the ball, then catching it in her mouth as it bounces up. I plan to videotape this 'trick' to put up on YouTube.

Whenever Chloe spots anyone holding her ball, she excitedly 'flips out' waiting for them to throw it. After it's tossed, she catches and almost returns it. 'Almost', because after returning it, she plays 'keep-the-ball-from-you' by holding it in her mouth in a way that when you grab for it, she pulls back so you can't grab it. Over and over again she 'teases' us until she becomes bored enough to 'let' us throw it again.

Chloe is so smart that I taught her 21 tricks in addition to her self-taught ones: Sit, stay, lay down, back up, shake, high-five, speak, roll over, play dead, stand-on-hind-legs, jump over objects, hind legs jump, beg, stay-at-my-side-on-walks, catch, jump-onto-whatever-I-decide-at-the-moment, turn, carry the mail, fetch, kiss. She is now learning how to 'fetch' tissues for sneezers.

In addition to humans, Chloe loves cats. Her best friend at her first home was her cat 'sibling'. Chloe likes to visit our human neighbor Kitty, and her cat, Miss Kitty. Miss Kitty is very fond of Chloe so she doesn't mind Chloe sitting near her or playing with her. Good neighbors all around!

Even though Chloe is an All-American-Mutt-Dog, she does not like Fourth of July celebrations because the fireworks terrify her. She follows me around and insists upon sleeping with me during the booming. When I say, 'Go to your own bed!' she obeys, but five minutes later she's up back up on my bed with me.

What is most unique about Chloe are her toe nails! They resemble Easter eggs in that they are different colors, black, white, tan, and brown.

I have renamed all my family for Chloe: My parents are Grandma and Grandpa; my brothers and sister are her uncles and aunt. I, of course, am her mom. I can't imagine my life without a dog!"


- Tired of having to interrupt your nap to let your pet into or out of your closed-door bedroom? Install a pet door in your bedroom wall/door to promote better rest for yourself and easier transfer between rooms for your pet.

- Cats have hair balls? Here's a tip e-mailed from Pat in Ohio: "We use the old farm remedy of giving our cats real butter, 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon each day for hairball relief."

- "Many people have recently discovered that wheat products play havoc with their blood sugar levels and digestive systems and the same holds true for their pets. Pet foods that contain wheat can cause skin rashes and loss of fur. Pets can also develop allergies to pet food dyes. Look for wheat free, dye-free foods to prevent your pet from developing dry skin/excessive itching/scratching. Luckily, many pet food companies are now aware of this and are adjusting their products accordingly," advises Janetta Overholser, president of The Humane Society of Cottage Grove.

- Author and pet food advocate Susan Thixton's book "Buyer Beware - The Crimes, Lies and Truth About Pet Food" contains helpful general pet health information and natural pet food food recipies:

- Moss overtaking your yard/driveway/roof? Sprinkle baking soda directly onto the moss and within two days it will begin to dry up as the baking soda destroys it down through its roots. And best of all, baking soda is nontoxic to pets and humans! Also, you can speed the demise of resistant weeds by pouring boiling water over their leaves and roots, and nearby seeds. Be sure your pets are safely contained before doing so, of course!
Pet Treat Recall
Milo's Kitchen® recalled its Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers home-style dog treats from retailer shelves nationally. Info:
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