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Dr. Agnes Thomas, pet communicator
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Karen holds Oreo and Bear still, while Dr. Agnes Thomas communicates with the dogs and the Angels to successfully locate their home.

Dr. Agnes Thomas, is a retired psychologist and research scientist.  Twenty years ago, her love of animals led her to study and become a professional telepathic animal communicator. She is a much sought after radio guest, and author of Pets Tell The Truth a fascinating book about communicating with animals and a study on the animal mind.
Dr. Agnes Thomas, Ph. D.
Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake.
Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds
we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.
- Martin Luther King, Jr. -
Dr. Thomas was invited as the featured speaker at a beautiful Pet Resort in Ohio, that is a long drive from the nearest town, and in a hard to find location.  The event was sponsored by the Golden Retrievers in Need (GRIN) group.

Agnes recalls, "A few minutes before the lecture began, my friend, Karen, entered the room and requested that I immediately follow her to the front lobby.  When we arrived, Karen pointed outside the Pet Resort's front doors at two large dogs.
The dogs had arrived on their own, something which never happens at the Resort, because of its remote location.  Most pets arrive with their guardians, but definitely not on their own.

The Resort owners were concerned for the dogs because of the distance from town.  They couldn't figure out where the dogs came from, how they got there, or what they could or should do with them.  The dogs obviously needed our help and we could not refuse them.

The concerned and caring staff gave the dogs water and food.  One thing can be said for the intelligence of these two dogs.  If you are going to run away, arrive at a pet resort!

The resort owner asked if I could communicate with the dogs and ask them some questions.

Both dogs were very dirty. They looked like small children who had splashed in mud puddles with wild abandonment for hours!  They obviously had the time of their life! Wading, splashing and rolling in some kind of muddy pond.

The two dogs came right up to me. As a professional Pet Communicator, I asked them who they were, and how they became lost.

They answered right away, "We live together.  Last night, we went out on an 'adventure' and now we can't find our way back home."

I asked, "How did you ever find us, because this building is so isolated, on a brand new street, and not easily seen from the main road?"

They answered, "An Angel found us.  She told us to follow her, and this is where she led us."

I relayed their story to the staff, and asked them to call the Animal Warden and see if any dogs were reported missing. 
The receptionist called the Animal Warden and he said, "Last night, two dogs were reported missing." He knew who they belonged to and gave the receptionist the dog parent's phone number. "Last night, Bear and Oreo's guardian frantically reported them missing." added the Warden.

Karen immediately phoned their worried female guardian.  She relayed the good news that the dogs were safe and told her where she could 'fetch' her adventuresome duo.

Karen mentioned how dirty the dogs where, and that they could not be kept in the resort with their eight muddy paws.  She asked if the pet Resort could give them a bath!  So with a nod from their owner, the dogs were immediately given star spa treatment!
Following my lecture, and their bath, Bear and Oreo came into our classroom.  The dogs had transformed! They were clean and fluffy and thrilled to meet the Golden Retriever rescue group.

The audience cheered and clapped.  The dogs made themselves available for hugs and kisses.  Everyone took turns visiting and playing with them.  Such celebrities! Such fun!
Fifteen minutes later, their guardian arrived to take them home.  The dogs were happy to see her. They jumped up and licked her face. It was a happy ending. The two rascals put an element of suspense in the evening's event.
It continues to amaze me how Angels make their presence known. Animals are particularly sensitive to Angels, and are surrounded by them.  You can often watch your animal 'watch' something move around the rooms of your home.
At all times, each animal has four to five Angels with them. I can actually see them.  Some of their Angels have wings, most are white, some are blue, especially those around large animals.  And some Angels are without wings, but beautifully luminous.  Some smaller pets have cherubs, baby Angels, to guard  and play with them.
Not everyone has the gift to see Angels across the screen of their consciousness but many do.
I am very grateful for the Angels, because animals are innocent and affectionate, and sadly  sometimes mistreated by humans. Animals are so special that they deserve legions of Angels around each one of them.

It is good to know that those we love are being cared for even when we are not near them. Both pets and the humans.
I believe that the Angel led the dogs to the Resort because they knew I was there and could communicate with them to return them to their owner.  Obviously, the best advertising for this Resort was Divine."
Dr. Agnes Thomas, Ph. D.
Pet Communications
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Poisoned Pets
Note! If your pet is ill...and there is no current recall on their food or treat, understand that it takes time for the FDA to solidify a recall. (See the story of Myster E. below.)

Be part of the solution, report directly to the FDA AND the store where you purchased your product.  Do not just return the food and get another product.  Recalls are only possible when the FDA knows there is a problem, and you are your pet's voice.

Some times pet food recalls are in neighboring states, and the batch of food has not arrived in yours yet.  Talk to your friends about their pet's health.  Your job, as a pet parent, is to protect your pets.  A pet vomiting is a sign that something is very wrong.

Message The Truth about Pet Food
- Recalls, News -
Extensive Information & Comparisons
Complete List of Pet Food Recalls
Includes FDA's recent "Pet Food News Releases"
near the bottom of the page.
FDA - Report problems!
Including adverse reactions, related to any food for animals.
Consumer complaint coordinator
For Oregon (425) 483-4949
After he is sick, he eats charcoal to soothe his stomach
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Last year, bought a bag of Kibble, at a health food store, and the clerk proudly declared that the brand was not on a recall list.  The bag said, Made in America.

But the next day, our cats' health dramatically took a turn for the worse, and we rushed Miss Wings and Myster E. to a pet clinic.
Three days later, that cat food brand was on the recall list!
Double check your pet's food. 
If you pet becomes ill, type its 'brand name' and the word 'recall', into
Myster E. is regaining his health. He eats charcoal, giving him a dark mustache.Charcoal has historically been used for poisoning, and this cat instinctively eats it.  It may have saved his life! We use health food store, Activated Charcoal by KAL, open the caps,  and put in a bowl, so he can lick it up when he feels in need of it.
When your pet does not eat its food, or loses its appetite, there is always a good reason.  Pay attention!  Their life depends on you.
This following website relays information on the continued problem with recalled foods.
Also, Tips 'n' Tales newsletter Readers receive the next recalled pet product and food information almost at once.
Mary Ellen ^I^
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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen
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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming

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