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 Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Princess Chloe, eight years old, with her new fairy-kitten, Bella. When Chloe's cat died, "I was very very sad," she admits. But luckily, her mother, Bekke, knew how to transform Chloe's grief into JOY.

Chloe says, "Last summer when my brother, Gavin, and I were at our grandparents, we were standing in the back of their truck when mom came for us. She got out of her car and said, 'I have a surprise for you and Gavin.' She did not tell us what it was.  She said, 'Cover and close your eyes', then she went back to her car and said, 'Open your eyes.'

When I uncovered my eyes I gasped.  I saw a tiny kitten in her hand.  In that minute I felt very surprised and happy. The kitten was so small."

"Chloe is right, the kitten was very little," said Bekke.  "The kitten was discovered in a field all by herself.  Someone rescued her and gave her to me knowing we had just lost our cat."

When asked how Bella got her name, Chloe said, "I was watching the movie Tinker Bell and thought of the name Bella; she's one of movie's smaller fairies, so I thought her name would be good for the little kitten.

Bella has grown! She is now strong enough to jump up, use her claws, and pull down the toilet paper. She makes a mess in the bathroom.  Bella gets excited when we come home from school because she knows it's time for her soft cat food treat.  When she hears the door open, she comes running to us.  I think she is pretty cute...very, very cute, actually.

Bella likes to run and play and she makes us laugh. My mom buys Bella Inova kitten food to help her grow strong and healthy.  Bella sleeps a lot and she doesn't have a favorite spot.  She sleeps all over the place and with me, and Gavin, and Mommy. Bella just likes to sleep.  Some mornings when I wake up, I can even see that Bella grew bigger overnight.

When Bella was a sick baby, Mom took her to work at City Hall.  I knew that Bella would be safe with the people there to protect her.  Now that Bella is so fast, she stays home so she won't race out of the office and get lost.

When Gavin and I go to school Bella misses us. My mom told us that after we've left for school, Bella cries because we're gone. Even though Bella likes both of us, my brother and I don't fight over her.  Gavin actually wishes we had a dog instead," said Chloe.

"Gavin insists on calling the kitten 'Chloe's pet,' confirms Bekke. "He wants a dog but one cat is all the pet that we can afford.  If people neutered and spayed their pets, then so many helpless fur-babies would not be begging for homes.  I'm teaching my children why it's important to spay and/or neuter pets; Bella will do her part to prevent unwanted pet overpopulation by getting spayed as soon as she is old enough to. It is sad to find a helpless kitten in a field and wonder where her siblings are.
Our family loves this fairy kitten.  If Bella realizes a normal cat life span, she'll still be with me long after my children are grown and enjoying their own families and pets."

"I would tell other children to give their kitten treats if the kitten is good," advises Chloe, "because their kitten is expecting it. I would tell them to feed the kitten and give it water and check their food bowl every time they walk by it, because kittens grow fast and get hungry.  
When your kitten uses the litter box it is your responsibility to clean it because when kittens go to the bathroom it tends to get smelly. Cleaning the box keeps the kitten using it and not going somewhere else in the house. That would drive my mother crazy!

I learned that taking care of a kitten takes a lot of responsibly and attention to safety. You have to be careful not to drop a wiggling kitten.  When Bella is sitting down, she is so small that she is easy to miss and we can accidentally step on her or sit on her.  So we are learning to be super careful and watch for her."

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Pet Safety Tips

- Fake sinewy cobwebs stretched across windows and doors can clog pets' intestines and kill them.

- It is best not to walk costumed pets as most find costumes to be annoying. Costumes can be unsafe by constricting natural movement or hearing, and can impede breathing or barking.  Also, pets can chew and/or choke on small, dangling, costume pieces.

- Pet costumes should not obstruct vision as even the friendliest of pets will bite when they can't see.

- For reasons mentioned above, never leave a costumed pet unattended!

- If you create your pet's costume, use safe nontoxic paints

- Reflector strips are a good precaution for leashes/costumes.

- Some people set off fireworks on Halloween, causing pets left outside to jump fences and those on leads to panic and possibly run off and become lost.  Keep your pets protected by keeping them inside on Halloween.

- Pets may be fearful of Trick-or-Treaters in costumes. Frightened animals can run away so before opening doors for Trick-or-Treaters, put your pets in a "safe" area of the house, e.g. behind a closed door, or baby gate, or in their crate or carrying cage. Turn on a radio or TV to soothe them.

-  To deter potential Halloween fright, some pet owners give their pets homeopathic pet remedy Pet Calm or TFLN to help keep them calm.

- Have pets ID'd with a collar and tag or microchipped to ensure a safe return in case they become frightened and run off.

- Chocolate and raisins in all forms are dangerous for dogs and cats. Also, tin foil and cellophane candy wrappers are hazardous when swallowed. Keep family pets out of the room while children inspect their collected Halloween candy.

- Halloween pumpkins and decorative corn are relatively nontoxic, but they can cause gastrointestinal problems or intestinal blockage if an animal ingests large pieces.

-  If you suspect that your pet has ingested a potentially dangerous substance, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (888) 426-4435.

- Keep electric lights, wires, and cords used for decorations out of pets' reach as chewing on these can result in mouth injuries from glass or plastic shards, or a life-threatening electrical shock.

- Keep pets inside on both the day before Halloween and Halloween itself to protect them from pranksters.

- Place candles out of reach to prevent pets from knocking them over and possibly burning  their noses, whiskers, paws, tails, or burning the house down; use glow sticks or battery-operated tea lights instead.

- Keep pets away from jack-o-lanterns that have candles in them. Use a small penlight or Christmas lights in jack-o-lanterns to protect active dogs from bumping them and curious cats from putting their paws or themselves in them.

- When walking a pet on Halloween, keep it on a leash so it won't run in front of vehicles, or in fright, attack a strange-looking costumed child.

- When walking a pet, be courteous; carry a plastic bag to pick up after them.

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