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Dog saves Family, Hero Hazel
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Big sister-Tinker Bell, Charlotte, age 2,
and Alex, The Fire fighter, 11 months,
with 5 year old Hazel, their family's Guardian Angel.

Charlotte and Alex's mother, Katherine shares, "Hazel was our first 'child,' and everything we wanted; intelligent, calm (after she out grew her energetic teen years) and a protector.

We have every reason to be proud of her, because one night, at midnight, Hazel began barking.

My husband looked outside, and saw his truck door was wide open. 
Instantly, Hazel took matters into her own paws.

She bolted past him and ran down the street. 
She stopped at the corner, looking in the direction of the burglars, who had fled on foot.

My husband jumped into the truck, and followed the direction of Hazel's stare.
I called the police, and they arrived in time, to find the thieves and our stolen property.

The police were relieved to finally catch the thieves, who had been breaking into cars, and stealing all night!

The 911 dispatcher said, "Most people report crimes long after they occurred, and the police are then unable to locate the criminals."

Hazel's skills allowed the police to locate, and arrest the armed robbers, who were carrying a loaded gun.  Hazel is a town Hero for helping keep our citizens safe."


Katherine suggests, "When our children were born, Hazel turned back into a dog. The faithful dog who slept under our covers, was replaced with a crying, hungry baby.

Now that our children are in their own beds, Hazel has returned to ours.

After babies arrive, it is inevitable that your pets won't get the same treatment they once did.

I make Hazel feel like part of the family by taking her on long walks, as often as possible, and when the babies are napping, I give her extra affection.

When I push the children in their baby buggy, and walk Hazel, dogs come running up to us.

Obviously, the dogs are not behind a fence, or on a leash. The owners say, "It's O.K. my dog is friendly." Well that is nice, but my dog isn't!

Hazel, takes her job of protecting our family seriously.  She does not like other dogs approaching her, especially if she is on a leash. For everyone's safety, please keep your dogs secured behind a fence or leashed.

When we walk by a yard, with a dog, and it barks, my daughter asks, "Mama, what is that dog saying?"

I respond, "The dog is saying, "This is my house, not yours!"

Dog owners, never yell at your dogs for barking. It is what dogs are meant to do.  An intelligent dog, will alert you when you should pay attention to something. This is how our dog became Hazel The Hero."


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