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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen
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A Snow Dog's Snow Angel!

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Photo by Suzi©
Jake, a white Shepherd, making a snow Angel in memory of Sage's recent passing.


Dearest Readers,
I create two newsletters, Angel Scribe and Tips 'n' Tales (archives of newspaper column).  It appears that the pet and miracle stories are beginning to overlap.  The following story is so good, that it belongs in both newsletters.    
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Over the years, as an author of two International miracle books, Expect Miracles and A Christmas Filled With Miracles, it has become evident that there is an increase of miracles at Christmas.  It maybe that our hearts are more open to the possibility of miracles.
There is an odd twist to the following story.  Remember my Christmas morning miracle phone call were dialing a wrong number changed two families lives on Christmas morning?
Christmas Morning - Miracle Phone Call Story
Something very similar happened, and it is the ONLY reason I discovered the following story of Jake and Sage.  I phoned someone, reached a wrong number and started chatting with the loveliest lady.  Before you could spell B - A - R - K, we were discussing pets and Suzi shared the following story!
"Everyone with pets knows that they are close to Angels in their love for us.  Some act as our guardian Angels saving us from fires, seizures or burglars.  Our beloved dog, Sage was 14 years old when she became ill, and we had to put her to sleep.

Soon after we said good bye to Sage, it snowed a deep fluffy snow.  When we let Jake, a white Shepherd, out into the snow, he went crazy.  He rolled and writhed around in joyous abandonment.  I could barely believe my eyes. As if a gift from Sage, to our aching hearts, Jake left an Angel impression in the snow!   We took it as a message from Sage that she was OK!

We board animals and we have had one other verification that animals have souls.  Once, we had a terrible experience with a regular customer, Dakota, who had stayed with us since he was ten months old.

Dakota, a Husky cross, was a notorious escape artist.  He  jumped the fence, and opened gates.  His goal was to come and find me.  Eventually, we had to keep him in a kennel with a lid, and put a snap on the gate, so he could not open it with his nose.  At the age of nine years, he had grown into mischievous dog, with a Houdini nature and everyone loved him dearly.

The last time he boarded with us, I checked in on him and he had unexplainably passed away.  Dakota was laying on his blanket, gone.  I was devastated and cried for days.  The veterinarian felt Dakota had an aneurysm, and died in his sleep.

A week later, Dakota's guardian came to the kennel to collect his blanket, food dishes and toys. We stood in the driveway, hugging and crying, and then the strangest thing happened! Out of nowhere, we looked down...and Abby, a white Great Pyrenees, was standing beside us.  It was the way she was looking at us that was unusual.  She had the oddest puzzled look on her face.
I apologized to Dakota's dad, "Abby is a guest, and some how, she has opened the gate.  She has never done this before!"

I walked her back to her kennel, and firmly latched the gate.  Moments later, we  looked down, and there she was again!  But this time, she was trying to climb into his truck!

We both noticed that strange puzzled look on poor Abby's face.  She looked like a sleepwalker waking in the middle of a dream.  At the same moment, it hit us both! Dakota's soul had been waiting for his "dad" to come pick him up, and he was hijacking a ride on bewildered Abby! 

We laughed and gave Abby a big hug, and told Dakota's soul to get in the truck and go home with dad.  It was strangely comforting, for both of us, knowing Dakota was fine and still watching over us.  Abby never broke out of her kennel after that!  Most people I tell that story don't get it, but I figured your readers would!"



Lyn, a Tips 'n' Tales reader in New York writes, "Dear Mary Ellen, Thanks for Tips 'n' Tales!  Finally, good news for us and especially for our beloved pets!  My cat Milo and I always read your column together!
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