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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings
Author & Columnist

Tyke 'n' Tina,
Save Each Other's Lives!

Tyke 'n' Tina 
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Tyke 'n' Tina
The dynamic 'TNT' duo,
who saved each other's lives!

Tina rescued Tyke from a biker, who confined him, on a chain, inside a motor home.

Tyke was not fed or given water. He was starving.
The biker reasoned, that this way, the dog would not have to go to the bathroom. 

When the biker hit Tyke with a wrench, Tina announced, "You can break my knee caps, but you can no longer have this dog." 
She added, "Surprisingly, the biker did not stop me."

Tina laughs and calls Tyke, "A 'Rotten Lab, that dresses like a Shepherd. 
His daddy is a  Rottweiler, and mother is a Labrador."

Last year, Tina and muralist Connie Houston, became friends, while Connie was painting the historic mural on Cottage Grove's, Shoestrings store, at Main and 5th Street.

Connie, immortalized Tyke, by including him, in the mural, having no idea he was about to become a Hometown Hero.

Recently, on a cold evening, in October, at 11 pm, while Tina and Tyke were out walking, he bolted after a cat.

Tina did not release his leash, and was pulled off her feet. She fell, shattering her leg in three places. 
To make matters worse, she tumbled, unseen, down a 5 foot drainage ditch, into 10 inches of water, by the train tracks. 
She was not discovered until 6 am, the next morning.

Tina reports, "Tyke lay beside me, in the cold water.  He kept my head from going under the  water, as I drifted in and out of consciousness. 
He kept me warm, and alert.  I was developing hypothermia, and was too weak to call for help.
Finally, we heard a car, and Tyke ran up to the road, and attracted the driver's attention. 
He paced back and forth, in front of the car, like Lassie, on the TV show, until the driver realized he was telling her something. 
She got out of the car, followed Tyke, saw me, and called 911.

The police took my dog home, and medics took me to the hospital. 
The doctors said, "Only a little longer, in that ditch, and you would have died. Tyke saved my life!"

Tina was hospitalized, for six weeks, and Connie took care of Tyke.

Connie said, "Tina and Tyke are so connected.
The first time I drove Tyke to visit Tina, in the nursing facility, in another city, he had no idea where we were going. 
He sat silently, until we were three blocks from Tina.
All of a sudden, he seemed to KNOW where we were going. 
He exploded with excitement, and eagerly began pacing in the car, barking. 
He carried on like this, until he was happily nestled in Tina's arms."

When Tina is able, she loves to take Tyke to the Church of Christ.

He does not go into church with her, but afterwards, she takes him to the river to play.  Tyke loves water, and dives for rocks. 

He swims with the rocks, across the river, and puts them into piles, until there are several piles along the river.

Tina laughs, "The first time he saw a snowman, he barked hysterically! 

He insisted on walking, on the opposite side of the street. Now, he likes to eat snow and makes doggy-snow Angels.  He adds so much happiness to my life."

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