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Grooming for Halloween
Dogs L-R
Monte, Buddy, Lexi
Kristy Ciglar owner of Cottage Grove Professional Grooming, 354 Hwy 99, with her staff Kristy and Stephanie, groom 25 pets a day totaling 5,160 pets a year.
They truly care for cats and dogs and offer residents some Halloween tips.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips 
- Dress pets in well fitting costume, that do not chafe or restrict their natural movements.
- Never leave a costumed pet unattended. They may eat the costume, or get hurt trying to take them off, or trip while running in them.
- Keep all candy, especially chocolate up and out of the reach of their eager little paws! Chocolate candies and Bakers chocolate can be fatal.
- Keep pets away from jack-o-lanterns candles. Instead of candles, use a small penlight or Christmas lights in them to protect active dogs from bumping them and curious cats from putting their paws or themselves in them.
- Fake sinewy cobwebs stretched across windows and doors can clog pets intestines and kill them.
- Pets may be fearful of Trick or Treaters in costumes. Keep pets indoors, or bring them inside around 4pm before children come calling. This also protects Trick or Treaters from pets that become aggressive when frightened.
- If you create your pet's costume, use safe non-toxic paints
- When walking a pet on Halloween, keep them on a leash, so they do not run out in front of vehicles. Reflector strips are a good precaution for leashes/costumes.
- When walking a pet, be courteous, use a sandwich bag to pick up after pets.
- Some people set off fireworks on Halloween causing pets to run from yards and get lost. Keep your pets protected and safe on Halloween.
- Frightened animals can run away, with opening doors for Trick or Treaters, keep them in the back of the house, behind a closed door away from all the activities.
- Make sure pets have identification (collar and tag, microchip) so if they do run away, they can be returned to you.
- If you suspect that your pet has ingested a potentially dangerous substance, call your veterinarian, or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.  


Sunday, November 5, 11-4 Animal Well Fair-Adoptathon at the Westmoreland Community Center in Eugene

Dogs, cats, and birds available for adoption, plus a $20 per animal microchip clinic, and vendors selling animal friendly wares. The Humane Society of Cottage Grove has cat scratching trees available for purchase, and kittens galore.  

Pet Adoptions