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Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"

Dr. Bill, his human  and fur staff
Dr. Bill, Naomi, LIsa and Lara
Exceptional Ed, Feral Fawecett, Phoebe and Maggie


The Kitty-Scoop on Forest Valley's Vets Clinics Cats

Exceptional Ed was wild and trapped in a live trap. Forest Valley doctors neutered him and when Ed woke up, the staff discovered he is an amazing and exceptional cat.

Ed easily adjusted to the chaos of a veterinary clinic. Ed's favorite game is playing tag with Feral and the staff's dog, Piper. Ed's now available for adoption and will make an exceptional companion, in any household or office.

All the clinic staff loves Ed and hopes he finds his forever home soon. They will be very selective in who they chose for him!
Feral Fawcett was wild and for two years lived in the Forest Valley Clinic shed.
The staff caught her in a live trap, spayed her and then set her free.
One day, she tamed herself and walked in the back door of the clinic, the same day Fixture was euthanized, the beloved elderly clinic cat. Ms. Fawcett, an amazing huntress, spends her leisurely time playing tag with Exceptional Ed.
Phoebe, along with her mother and brothers were abandoned under a milk crate in the middle of a field during the heat of a summer day. Her favorite pastime is sitting in the window chatting with the birds in the Clinic's parking lot. Fab Phoebe is her nickname, because she is the Clinic's princess.
Maggie walked in the Clinic's back door and immediately made herself at home.
Her favorite game is playing hide and go seek with humans at the reception desk. Her favorite human is Dr. Bill and everyone knows she is "his cat."

The staff at Forest Valley supports the local Humane Society in their efforts to increase the awareness of neutering and spaying, so other pets are not subject to the same fears and dangers of abandonment as these now safe cats were.
"Having pets spayed and neutered creates happier animals, happier people, and a happier community. Altering cats and dogs releases them from the intense hormonal drive to mate, to fight, and travel from one side of the community to the other searching for a mate. Altering pets stops homeless kittens and puppies, (that you are unaware your pets are responsible for creating), dead pets on the road, dogs roaming the countryside etc. making is your decision a win-win for everyone!
We appreciate when residents include us in their donations and wills, directing money to support our spay and neuter program, and other blessings the Humane Society does to make animals' lives better in our community."
Janetta Overholser, President of Humane Society of Cottage Society Info 541 942 3130
Over the years, caring local businesses and residents took on a huge financial burden as they individually participate in a Trap-Neuter-Release program to help curb the homeless pet population. The cats with a notched ear indicated they are altered, like Ed's photo.
One female cat can produce an avalanche of kittens. In 4 years, she is personally responsible for the birth snowball of 2,201 kittens!
Three thousand, five hundred kittens are born each hour in the United States. Only 1/3 find safe homes. The rest are subject to the pain of starvation, car dangers, poisons, disease and a never ending cycle of exhausting pregnancies.
Animal abandonment is against the law, and reportable to the Police for residents inside city limits and for residents living outside the city it is reportable to Lane County Regulation Authority. In Cottage Grove, Or, if you have lost a pet contact the authorities above.
The Humane Society of Cottage Grove received donations that paid for 25 MOM Cat Specials for spaying. To pick up a coupon visit THIS and THAT shop Monday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm on 7th Street.
Two recently books published by New World Library on feral cats and animal rescue:
"Urban Tails" Photographic stories and wisdom on alley cats.
"Rescued, Saving Animals from Disaster" Katrina pet photos and stories with miracles and happy endings.