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Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"

Dr. Lisa Piccioni adjusting Mr. Purrfect
Dr. Lisa Piccioni gives Mr. Purrfect
a chiropractic adjustment
Mr. Purrfect, an eight year old Shaded Silver Persian, was adopted from an animal shelter...saved on his last living day.
His Seattle guardian, Atira notes, "Mr. Purrfect is a gentle loving spirit, the world is lucky to have him."
Recently, while in Cottage Grove to visit his cousin Miss Wings, Mr. Purrfect became in need of chiropractic care to stop his front legs from shaking.
Creswell veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Piccioni,
came to his rescue and Mr. Purrfect is now walking purrfectly.

Chiropractic care benefits four legged animals as much as humans. Dr. Piccioni states, "Cats sustain injuries from leaping off high places. They can't tell you when they have aches and pains, seek care before your pet begins limping.
Watch for signs; not jumping up or down as usual, sitting off to one side, not as perky, not wanting to walk for as long, or crab walking-with their rear end off to one side."
Also, when adopting a pet, consider the humane society, loving animals need you. Fact: In the USA, 1out of 4 cats in shelters are adopted, 5 million a year are exterminated.
Neutering and spaying saves lives.
View adoptable pets of all breeds in your area 

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