TIPS 'n' TALES;Baxter the Beagle eats Underware!
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Baxter, Bob and Bailey
Baxter, Bob and Bailey

Baxter, is a 2 year old beagle, and Bailey, is a 1 year old basset hound. They live with their parents, Bob and Nikki, and their feline brothers Owen and Matthew.
Baxter is well-known for dancing to hip-hop music, and Bailey is famous for her willingness to eat anything; cardboard, tin cans, and yes....underwear!
Baxter and Bailey are both rescue dogs from Marvelous Mutts in Corvallis.
Baxter was adopted as a baby when Bob saw him online and fell in love with 'Puppy #5'. Bailey came along this spring. They are inseparable friends and constant wrestling partners.

We love our hounds, but they're not for everyone.
Hounds are energetic, noisy, somewhat hard to train and CONSTANTLY distracted by their noses. They can never be allowed off-leash in an unfenced area.
Research as much as possible about dog breeds before adopting a dog.
The reason Bailey was put up for adoption, at one year old, is because she was 'too much dog' for the lady that originally had her. A little reading would have stopped her from making that mistake as bassets are NOT couch potatoes!
Above all, avoid puppy mills, get a rescue dog!
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