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Readers Respond

I LOVE Angel Scribe newsletters!
I am constantly looking for them to come out, and I like your pet ones too!

The newsletters are not long at all. They're absolutely perfect.

I wouldn't want them shorter - longer is ALWAYS fine.

I'm sure I, along with all of your other readers, can't get enough. It's so uplifting.
I thank God for you and Atira and me being able to have been associated in a way with you through your newsletters all the time.
Life and troubles can get so depressing. It's nice to be able to check your site and read something there to lift my spirits.

You're a wonderful needed Angel on earth.

God Bless You and Yours Mary Ellen!

Dear Mary Ellen: I really enjoyed watching your interview on the television program in the last issue.
It was like finally seeing you in person. So you connected with God through your cat? How a-mews-ing.

Love and light,

Mary Ellen, the newsletter on "Eye See a Miracle" is the most exciting newsletter ever!
It gave me chills and vibrations!

My near vision is very great anymore and I think I found that tender spot on the edge of the scapula and Im just going to try it myself!

Oh my, this letter excited me!

Mary Ellen, you have helped sooooo many with your experiences and your love! And soooo many times!

You've made huge difference in MY life! I can only thank you by telling you and also passing your newsletters onto others! Im also, now passing on the Tips & Tales to my animal friends! Sometimes we wont know how much we touch another's heart. Please KNOW that YOU do! Love Sherri in CT

Dear Mary Ellen,

You bring warmth to my heart, when I read your newsletters.

Adrienne Bridgeport, CT

Response on the newsletter about Luyties #304

My hubby has been having hip pain for some time now. I got him some luyties for rheumatic pain.

I remember my grandmother used to call her arthritis "rheumatics." He used it every 5 mins. the first day for about 2 hours and then on and off the rest of the day.

He said the pain went away completely and has been taking it himself ever since.

But, now its only once (4) every few days...and its still working the same as it has been.....amazing.....simply miraculous!

Kathy in New York

I am giving Luyties #304 to my husband...and they have had a nice effect...he is more affectionate since taking the pills.

Annie in NY

Dear Mary Ellen--- ANGEL of the Internet,

The Angel messages in stories are always good to read--- some demand being kept for Inspiration when my energy is low--- or when life seems to be pressing in on me.

So we have a history of sorts dear Angel.

Evelyn in Federal Way, WA

Every time I replay the news video, of your furry babies swimming, I get the giggles. I'm saving it to watch over and over.

Shari Rose in Olympia, WA

Dear Mary Ellen:

Each time I read your"Angelic Newsletters" I am filled with thankfulness that you are my friend.

All my are a blessing to so many!

Betty Tisdale,

Editors note: Betty saved 119 orphans from Vietnam 25 yeras ago, and found them homes in the USA. Check her website for more information on how to help her one woman, on going Angelic work.

Your "Eye See Miracles" story brought tears to my eyes.

What I wouldn't give to be the one through whom God channeled such healing knowledge/miracles! (I'm still trying hard to "hear" my guidance after so many years. My "messages" feel more like "to do" lists.) And to be of such service to the woman who brought me into this world and took care of me! Now that would be AWESOME!

So thankful you're still doing what you do best.
Angelic blessings,

Mary Ellen! I saw you on the Enchanted Self tv program (via my computer). You look good in red. It was an awesome show - you were great!
So warm and friendly and professional! Great job.

Thank you for sharing. Brenda in Kentucky

What a wonderful newsletter. May I share your story with my radio listeners? Keep up the great work. You are making a difference and are closer to your dream being realized than you think.

Have a fabulous day. Donna Seebo, radio talk show host in Tacoma, WA

Hi Mary Ellen South Africa is also reeling from the shock of feeding our animals contaminated pet food.

It amazes me how far the world's supply chain stretches; that people in the USA and right down here at the tip of Africa are desperately scurrying to make a meaningful change in the lives of their pets, even if it is only by something as simple as changing their diet.

If I hadn't read your first mail on contaminated pet food, I might have lost my cat Tibby because the story only broke here about four days after your mail came in - it really was perfect timing.

Thank you for keeping us globally in-touch!
Amanda in Johannesburg, South Africa

I heard you on the radio!
What a wonderful show... the pacing was good, and your speaking tone was calm, clear and soothing.
Love and Light,
Shari in Washington

Listening to your have such a perfect radio voice and you are so calming, restful and inspiring!

You need your own radio show. You are so good at it. Really amazing! Truly.

Kathleen in Maine

I know that the Angels are so happy to have you on Earth. Their great works are done through you and you know this. They will see to it that many ears and hearts are opened by your words.

Robin in Tacoma

Oh Mary Ellen!! How beautiful...this further lends to proof of your beautiful, loving soul. Anyone who sees and spreads the beauty that you do, has a soul that is so beautiful that it radiates love and a beauty all it's own! And that, my dear, is you!
Pat in Chehalis, WA

I looooved to see you and your lovely swiming cats!

Marlene in The Netherlands

Wow Mary Ellen, you made National TV with your swimming cats! I just saw you on Fox News tonight with Shepard Smith. Your cat looked adorable and so did you!

Constance Wright
Cary, NC

I enjoy all the stuff you send You have good taste in what you send, you just seem to know what people will enjoy, find helpful or just plain enjoyable Keep it up!!

Cyndi in Kelso, WA

I am so proud of you and the fur babies. Absolutely adorable! I told you this would get NATIONAL attention. I knew it in my heart!!!!!!!!!

This is going to bring NEW exposure and life into the beautiful gifts you share with the world weekly.

Funny, how things mainfest.

Who would have thought, Miss Wings helped polinate the seed that was placed in your heart and into the universe so many years ago!

There are no accidents in this life. I know that your spirit is soaring at this moment. Everyone......... is behind you 100%.

Maybe your next book besides miracles and Angels should include more "pet miracles"

love, light and peace, MaryAnne in Texas

Yipeeee!!!!!!!! Mary Ellen your angels continue to amaze me.

But my dear, you have a huge rooting section right here....... your favorite "groupy"!! OL ...... I'm so happy that your miracles manifest the way they do.

You are a remarkable lady!

Sharon in Novato

The letters touched my heart and I say "Thank you" for sharing these with us.

It shows that we live in a wonderful, marvelous world. We just need to know we are not alone and God and the Angels work in so many ways. This newsletter is proof of that.

Barbara in Asunción, Paraguay

Mary Ellen-- I just LOVE your newsletters! The stories and comments are so inspired and beautiful. You truly ARE an Earth Angel, and I just know that you are headed down the right path with your passion!

DON'T ever give it up! I don't remember precisely when I signed up for my first Angel Scribe newsletter, but I did find I'd kept an e-mail copy of one back from September 5, 2004 about "Faith Can be Puzzling" with the story about yours and your sister's diagnosis of cancer. I don't even remember HOW I initially found your newsletter... but I'm sure it was "no accident".

I have felt a connection to you and your words since I first signed up!

BTW-- I notice that you haven't included mention of your "Expect Miracles" books in recent newsletters-- are they still available?

Blessings and Light KAREN in Ohio

What a GREAT MESSAGE - I have already passed this email on to a dozen people. Just think if everyone who subscribes did this!

I try hard to see the happy flip side of things - but still things catch me off guard because it is from people or companies that are not being happy themselves. It's like gossip or playing the telephone game by the time it gets to you it is all muddled. And I try to pass on the positive things and not the negative.

Vicky in Bull , AR

Those two angel writings are so beautiful. They truly show others how you see life. It opens up our eyes to see as you see. Thank you for your insight. I have been finding coins lately. I always know its a message from God "In God We Trust" on the coins say we have to remember our prayers are heard.

You are right. Sometimes we forget to see.

You are a miracle. Thank you.

Katheleen in Maine

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